Monday, June 8, 2009

Conservative Rob Merrifield Spouts Republican Rhetoric

The Conservatives really like the Republicans. So much so, that they are using their past employees and all the Republican rhetoric they can fit on a bumper sticker, or in a taxpayer funded pamphlet; and Rob Merrifield is no exception.

In fairness, I suppose the MP from Featherhead, Alberta, has more loyalty to the American coal industry, than who's in government.

He helped to draft a report for the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, entitled: From Correct to Inspired: A Blueprint for Canada U.S. Engagement that calls for annexation of Canada, with regard to the economy, energy resources and the military; and recommends "an integrated, whole of government approach that recognizes shared interests and the reality of deep integration."

I am very concerned with the military integration, because it calls for a "North American defense", removing our sovereignty to choose what wars we support, if any. The report simply states that we go where the U.S. tells us to go, and that could be a problem.

But when he's not trying to sell us to the U.S., or lobbying for the coal-industry, he's busy in the printing shop, photocopying Conservative campaign literature, under the guise of information to his constituents.

One of those members of Merrifield's flock, spoke out in disgust:

Kenneth Coe
September 7, 2008

Rob Merrifield, MP, probably a different sort of guy to most of us, just kindly sent me a letter, at my expense. Rob was really concerned about crime, especially crime that took cars away from young folks.

He did not seem to have a good grasp of the subject but when Stephen Harper tells his minions to send out stuff, they do. Since they are not allowed to comment on what they send out, Rob is safe. And that is good. Rob needs some protection from this mailing.

He seems to have no grasp of the continuing reduction in crime and certainly he seems to be unaware of environmental issues, our soldiers in Afghanistan, an economy heading in the wrong direction, health care concerns or cultural funding which returns thousands of dollars back to the tax payer.

No, poor Rob, or Robbie, is stuck in the mid 90's or in what we can best describe as American Republican rants. Rob is doing what Rob has to do.

I am sorry that car insurance rates are so high on Robbie's and Stephen Harper's agendas. Maybe there is something going on in Canada and throughout the world that should attract a wee bit more attention from the Rob's and the Steve's.

But the Conservative Government is cracking down on car thieves so says Rob, or Robbie, or whatever. That's good Rob, just don't try and find clean air, fair taxation and an honourable and independent foreign policy. You go ahead, Robbie, follow Dick Cheney's advice and promote fear, anger and hate.

Actually, I have received a lot of nonsense from Rob, Robbie or whatever. He has ranted on a number of issues, sent at MY expense over the last few months. Frankly, I can't afford Rob. I like to see everyone rant and rave as they will, but they should put their own stamp on it. And really Rob, Stephen and the rest, the politics of anger and fear does work, but will it get you into heaven?

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