Monday, June 15, 2009

To Be or Not to Be? Another Unanswered Question

Harper came out today for one of the first in a very longtime, press conferences, where he promised to actually answer questions.

What prompted this change in policy?

Some kind of bluster about not wanting an election and trying to convince us that he would rather work with Michael Ignatieff over the summer.

And we should believe him why?

He was given four specific questions, that the Liberal leader needs to have answered to his satisfaction before he can allow this government to continue. Harper answered none of those today.

Instead we were given vague promises about changes to EI, that contradict the very cabinet minister in charge of EI. Misinformation about accepting requests for money to be used during the construction season. (There's no way any requests made today would ever be dealt with by the summer). Indications that his plans for handling the isotope crisis were clear (as mud) and absolutely no clue as to how he's going to get us out of this deficit once the recession is over.

What a change though from the combative Harper who always loves elections. A few jokes and giggles and that was it. Is he kidding me? Is he taking this seriously, or does he hope that if he comes out all cute and cuddly, we're going to believe he's being picked on and take pity on him now?

I actually would like to see an election if for no other reason than to see what he's going to try to morph himself into this time. The sweater wearing, cat loving, kinder, gentler Harper didn't work. The 'strong leader' nonsense was a bust.

Maybe he'll pose as a gay abortionist, carrying a Women's Lib sign, with a tattoo of Ghandi on his forehead. He's clearly running out of faux personalities.

A few musings from the Left:

Westerngrit: Check ... and Mate
Mr. Ignatieff's move today was perfect. Just what we had to do. The ball MUST be put in Harper's court, as the focus MUST be put back on him.

BCer in Toronto: Ignatieff Presser - the Verdict is Still Out.
There’s still many ways the scenario could play out. I liked the messaging I heard today from Michael: we don’t want an election, no one does, we want to make this parliament work, but Harper needs to work with us here. We need action in these four specific areas of importance. Deliver, and you can keep governing. Don’t deliver, then hey, we tried to be reasonable and give you a shot.

Pierre Trudeau is My Home Boy: It's a Trap
All in all, I think this actually increased the chances we'll be heading tho the polls soon. Stephen Harper and the Tories aren't the most conciliatory of folks and I can't see them climbing down to make this Parliament work. I'd love to be a fly on the wall inside the Tory death star right now to see how they're reacting.

Liberal Arts and Minds: Ignatieff says ....
While some are trying to portray Ignatieff's comments as unclear, the truth is that he laid out 4 points for Harper that he wants answers on. Those answers will determine his actions re' the vote on Friday.

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