Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Election is Very Much a Referendum on Harper

For a nation that didn't want an election, I've been out this weekend talking to people and many are engaged and excited. We drove past a large group of Queens' students, with their stuff on the sidewalks (moving day) and I asked them if they were voting.

They gave me cheer and most said that they already had. There was a time when I would never have asked that, or if I did, probably would have earned nothing more than a puzzled look. Today it means something. A common bond. A shared purpose.

One of my favourite columnists Haroon Siddiqui, wrote: Vote has become referendum on Harper

And regardless of conflicting polls, one thing is absolutely clear. The majority of Canadians want Harper gone.

He cannot be rewarded for treating our Parliament with disrespect, and making us the first country in the British Parliamentary system, to have a government found in criminal contempt.

He doesn't respect us, and we should not respect him.

So ignore the national polls. Those running them have an agenda.

Focus on your local riding. You know who has the best shot against the Conservative. The most lawn signs are a good clue. The most visible. Or just get out and talk.

Catch 22 have a list of close ridings with the best choice. Stop the Split allows you to put in your postal code and they will give you a sense of who is in the lead. But don't assume that just because the results indicate a "safe bet", that there's no hope. This election, no seat is safe.

Please don't split the vote. Think twice, vote once. We can do this.

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  1. ...and Canada has spoken...M A J O R I T Y!!!!