Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pollsters Admit They are Frauds. Why are we Allowing Them to Split the Vote?

I am so angry with the pollsters and the media right now I want to vomit.

After throwing strategic voters into a tailspin, they are now saying. Oh by the way. We have no friggin' idea what we're talking about.

Jack Layton was in Kingston today campaigning for the Conservative candidate.

He gave us Stephen Harper on a silver platter in 2006 and 2008, now he's had it gold plated. Thank you very much Jack. And what is Stephen Harper going to give you in return? A key to the Conservative bathroom? Make sure you clean it before you leave.

The NDP will not win in Ontario. If they do, fine, but they have a 99.9% chance of handing the province to the Conservatives. If they do, I will change my focus from Harper and restore Tommy Douglas's honour.

He always put the good of the country first. Layton promised to support strategic voting and then got so caught up in his own ego, he's instead trying to split the left.

We were and still are, so damn close. Why is Layton going after ridings he knows he can't win? His guy in Kingston is a distant third. There will be little honour in coming in second, when the Conservative takes the seat.

It does explain why the NDP's assistant to the local candidate was coming out of the Conservative rally yesterday (I have his pic that I'm saving). You had to be on a list.

I'm just a wreck. The pollsters call themselves liars, in a ha, ha, we got ya'.

And destroy the country in the process.


  1. "Ha ha, we got ya!" is awful, Emily. They pull this stunt and then on the eve of the election say, "Just kidding"????
    If that isn't illegal, it should be. Those Kingston cops should be arresting the pollsters instead of hassling you, and arresting people for falling over an imaginary line.
    What in the world is going on here? It feels like a bad dream. No, it feels like a nightmare. I went to bed in Canada and woke up in a police state where lying is legal.
    Of course, the media, who didn't get their legalized lying, can say they didn't lie: the pollsters did. And the pollsters can plead ignorance.
    Ignorant you-know-whats, is what.

  2. Like I said: Harper and Layton have one thing in common: they hate the Liberals.