Sunday, May 1, 2011

Conservative James Moore Says People With Autism are a Special Interest Group

Boy, I thought Kingston's Alicia Gordon was ignorant when she suggested that farmers have no marketable skills, but I think James Moore may have won the award of ignorance, for his remark on autism:
Conservative candidate James Moore was asked at Riverside Secondary All Candidates Meeting in the BC riding of Port Moody–Westwood–Port Coquitlam whether he would support legislation to amend the Canada Health Act to include autism treatment (ABA/IBI) under Medicare.

His reply, as reported at Medicare for Autism NOW, demonstrated Mr. Moore's fundamental ignorance of autism disorders: "No, autism is not a disability and The Canada Health Act is not for Special interest Groups."
A special interest group? That's the problem with a party that only deals with the wealthy. They have no idea of how most Canadians live.

Think twice, vote once. We have a real chance to get rid of this government.

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  1. How do these candidates manage to live long enough to become adults? You're right, this one is even dumber than Alicia Gordon. Who would have thought there'd be anything more ridiculous than saying farmers have no marketable skills? Like feeding all the people on the planet?