Friday, February 5, 2010

Jack Layton You Have the Power of CAPP Behind You

Horrible news today as the country learns that Jack Layton has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

But c'mon folks. We're talking Jack Layton. I pity anything that would try to take him down. He's a fighter, and I know he will beat this.

There are a quarter of a million people at CAPP who are all pulling for him, and that's only a fraction of the support he will have from the entire nation.

So everyone, here's what you can do:

Join Jack Layton's Facebook Fan Page

Join Olivia Chow's Facebook Fan Page

Make a donation in his name to Prostate Cancer Canada. Be sure to leave a little note that this is for him.

Email him and give him your support here:

Email his wife and tell her she also has your support here:

Donate to the NDP and tell them it is in Jack's name and comes with a mountain of promise.

If you are religious at all, pray for him and his family. A lot.

We need Mr. Layton in that House, and fortunately his party has so much talent that anyone of them can step in, while he's getting treatment or doing what he needs to do to fight this.

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