Thursday, February 4, 2010

Harper's New Drug Law Bill C-15 is the Most un-Canadian Thing I've Seen Since Him

I can't believe this new drug strategy of the Harper Government. What is wrong with these guys? Clearly this is not an attempt at reducing drug crime, because it will do nothing to stop the criminal element.

Is it just to appease his 30% base of knuckle draggers who watch too much TV and believe there's a pusher on every schoolyard, and every street corner in the country?

The only way to remove drug crime is to put the criminals out of business. And the only way you can put the criminals out of business, is to legalize pot; tax it and regulate it, like they do alcohol and tobacco.

I feel like I'm in a bad episode of Dragnet, where they ignore the facts, only the facts.

According to the anti-drugs civil union:

Until now, Canada has not wholeheartedly subscribed to the “War on Drugs”. We pursued a more holistic approach which included treatment, enforcement, prevention and harm reduction - a “Four Pillars” approach, more like some of the successful European models. This was the case even in the most recent iteration of our drug strategy, completed about two years ago after extensive multi-sectoral and community input.

Harper’s government is taking a sharp turn away from this, however, and it will likely cost Canada dearly in terms of increased disease and ruined lives, not to mention its reputation in most parts of the world save the USA.

And all of these new arbitrary laws will only increase the prison population.

Bill C-15 could fill Canadian prisons with drug offenders
By Carlito Pablo
Will Bill C-15 kill the twin scourge of illegal drugs and gang violence?

“There’s a lot of information, both in the United States and in Canada, that shows that mandatory minimum sentencing regimes for drug offences are ineffective. This is all about window-dressing for the Conservatives’ crime agenda. They want to impress people with their tough-on-crime approach. One thing that will happen is that it could very much overcrowd our prisons. We find the bill to be misdirected and based on a very faulty premise. It’s based on the U.S.’s war on drugs, which has been a complete failure.” (Libby Davies NDP)

This country is moving backwards instead of forwards. It's going to take years to undo the damage this government has done to a once progressive and admired nation.


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