Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why Has Our Atomic Energy Been Sold to a War Profiteer?

SNC Lavelin is in the news a lot.

As one of the primo war profiteers, they are often the object of protests. They have been involved in scandal and yet have been granted contracts to help rebuild and provide private security in Afghanistan.

They have been tainting our water and further destroying our reputation abroad.

They built the notorious fence at the G-20 in Toronto, going way over budget.

And while much of the developed world has been critical of Libya's detention centres, SNC Lavelin is building them.

So why were they just gifted our atomic energy for a mere $15 million?

And they are going to apply their wonderful "business ethics" to turn Canada's nuclear energy into a profit making machine.

Forget that there are 800 jobs at risk. Good paying union jobs, that are the backbone of our economy.

And forget that this sale and new goal to make money, will no doubt increase our energy costs.

Isn't it all about making the wealthy wealthier?

I imagine SNC Lavelin is browsing the Harper Garage sale, as we speak, where everything not nailed down (and even stuff bolted to the floor) will be on the market. Cheap. Real cheap.

I mean Tony Clement sold them a highway when he was with the Mike Harris government.

Lock up your daughters and hide your sons, folks, or they'll slap a sticker on them.

Nothing is sacred in Harperland.


  1. DU doesn't come cheap... I guess Harper thinks it would make a nice bonus to the asbestos trade, in his ongoing chemical attack against poor people.

  2. We didn't exactly sell AECL. We paid $60 million for SNC to take it off our hands. We gave them $1.5Bn in assets while we retained $4.5 Bn in relatively short-term liabilities.

    The costs of long term liabilities of safeguarding tonnes of high level nuke waste are incalculable. Radioactive waste must be secured for 1000's of years and we don't even have a dump site selected. yet... much less built and budgeted for.