Thursday, July 7, 2011

Don Cherry Should Stick to Hockey and Stay Out of Politics

My right-wing followers keep sending me links to Sun TV and to articles by right-wing columnists, but this interview with Don Cherry on Fox News North just makes me incredibly sad.

This is so beneath him.

I have mentioned the wonderful memory we have of Cherry, when my kids were young, but since he's entered the political arena, I find it hard to remember that he is a kind man.

My son ran into him recently at Canadian Tire, spotting him in line, looking nervous. He didn't recognize him at first, because he said he looked like a little old man. No one appeared to notice or care and he went through the line without so much as a wave or a nod.

So my son followed him out to the parking lot to say hello and noticing that he was wearing a Tampa Bay Lightening hat asked "what, no Boston Bruins"? Cherry laughed and said "No. I'm not going to jump on that bandwagon".

They shook hands and when my son told me that, I wondered if Don Cherry knew that he had just shaken the hand of a "left-wing pinko". Because like me, my son cares about things like poverty and homelessness, and worries about the impact of the ignorance revolution.

I love Brian Lilley's introduction, referencing an article from the Toronto "red" Star. Yes, the Star, that communist rag. What a goof. This from a station that, if you look at about the one minute mark, announced underneath that the new cabinet would be "nameded" today.

Instead of bashing "pointy headed academics", they might want to take a few spelling lessons.

One of my favourite Youtube channels is that of The Young Turks, and they also cover the ignorance of the new right. Discussing Pat Buchanan, and Harper mentor Peter Brimelow, at about the three minute mark, you'll see that these "white nationalists" also suffer from a brain cell deficiency.

They almost make Don Cherry's "multiculturalism baloney", "left-wing pinkos" and "these types of people" sound intelligent. And "university professors who have never worked a day in their life"? Where is that coming from?

Cherry's brother, Dick, who was my children's elementary school principal, is the total opposite of his brother. Quiet, intelligent and caring. I wonder what he's thinking now?

Had I been in that line-up at Canadian Tire, I probably would have just ignored this outrageous character, afraid of what I might say to him. I prefer to keep the fond memories.


  1. that is exactly how i family has always liked don cherry..not everything he said but as a uncle played for the boston bruins and he and my aunt knew him personally...
    now it is not only sad but also dangerous...he has the ear of alot of the public...

  2. I fear that I'm turning into someone who can't separate the politics from the person.

    I'm aware that right-wing people are capable of the ability to be reflexively polite and sunny to people in their immediate vicinity and in their own circle of family and friends.

    It's when people willingly and deliberately hold on to inhuman thoughts and beliefs out of spite, self-interest, or stupid bull-headedness, that separates a decent person from an ideologue. And most studies have shown that the authoritarian, violent, unthinking personality types occupy the right-wing more than they do the left.

  3. A few of months ago I remember seeing a segment on the news about Cherry and his decrying the lack of portable cardiac defibrillators in public sports arenas and that he was going to "ride the McGuinty government" until they got that changed. Well, that's certainly a pressing public health issue and a most worthy cause to pursue, but, um, Don? Isn't placing scores, perhaps hundreds, of portable defibrillator units at public expense to protect the lives of Ontarians something a progressive, SOCIALIST government would do???

  4. snip snip: Steve Harper and the boys made this man (Don Cherry) a lot of money. More money than I'll ever see in a lifetime. And now he owes them.

    How you ask? Pull up a chair. I want to tell you a story.

    The Backroom Deal of the Century


  5. I find Cherry's comment about the state of our Canadian passport being undesirable and blaming that on Liberal (left wing Pinkos) mismanagement to be laughable if not outright dumb. From where I view things that opinion couldn't be further from the truth. The esteam of Canadians abroad has been in steady decline after the fall of the Cretien government. Every year we were proud of our "A" list in our standard of living and our peaceful tolerant nature. I now believe, and I'm sure that statistics would back me up, that this country went into steady decline in the last five years under the Harper regime. I have travelled in a lot of places and have always made sure my wife and daughters wore their Canadian flag to show their standing. Now we open ourselves to ridicule from those who are aware of our right wing leanings. I'm not very proud of Our Country at the moment and even less after the Harper Government's rejection of the Palestinian push for Statehood. The list of things that make us a laughing stock nation is too big to list here but suffice it to say, it is huge.From Copenhagen to Guantonimo, our shame will be everlasting and the damage irremovable.