Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorry Ezra. You Don't Get Off That Easily

Given that Ezra Levant attacks Muslims at every opportunity, I was curious what he would have to say about the Norwegian disaster, and he didn't disappoint.

First off, he's right to say that this was not a religious issue. Anders Breivik was not a Christian fundamentalist, but part of a "Patriot" movement, promoting the idea that multiculturalism is destroying western civilization.

However, Levant suggests that CBC "and their kind" are "positively relieved, even thrilled, the mass murder here was done by someone who wasn’t Muslim".

He's creating an "us vs them" mentality, where the left hate Christians, and will take the Muslims side over them every time.

The Patriot movement is not concerned with religion, though some will invoke God. They are concerned with color. The English Defence League calls them all "Pakis".

This is not a holy war, but a race war.

The Watchmen of the Patriot Action Network focuses on things like immigration, "commies", and "lefties", and the Tea Party Express is part of the Network.

The media needs to avoid making this about religion. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with hate.

Glenn Beck didn't play the religious card this time, but the poltical one. The "leftie" labour party, running youth camps, he compared to the "Hitler youth".
Speaking on his radio programme yesterday, he said the teenagers attending the Labour youth camp on the idyllic island were like the Nazi leader's infamous young followers, and branded any kind of political trip for youngsters as 'disturbing'.
He failed to mention that he himself runs right-wing indoctrination camps for youth, across the U.S., called the 9/12 Project.

Now that's disturbing!


  1. Well quite a few NDP MLAs and MPs over the years were Protestant clerics. And there was a progressive Catholic priest in the Bloc (who is also social-democrat besides being separatist).

    So Ezra is full of it. The left does NOT hate Christiality. What does he think of Leonardo Boff, Don helder Camara and leberation theology in general? So convenient to forget about it.

  2. The formula is both an old and a sure-fire one: constantly pilfer the peoples' purses and keep them anxious, off-balance and teetering on the financial brink. Then give them some absurd but handy targets upon which to release all that dangerously pent-up angst and humour them with self-empowerment fantasies. They'll wind up spent and more deeply-divided than ever, a confused, distracted and wholly ineffectual non-counterweight to the self-serving powers fomenting all the profitable mayhem from within the shadows. Ezra's simply a dumpy, caterwauling, pasty-faced cheerleader for the shadow-people's agenda. Whatever it'll take to sic one sad and anxious lot on another, he's the useless eater for the job. And a reliable core of losers will fall for it every time because it feels so good get permission to whack something real hard when you're brimful of free-floating rage. Indeed, indeed: what fools these mortals be...