Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help Put an End to Rupert Murdoch's Criminal Empire

The ongoing scandal in the UK involving media mogul Rupert Murdoch, is making waves everywhere.

His stock prices are on the decline and citizens are beginning to mobilize against him.

AVAAZ has launched a petition to End Murdoch's Criminal Empire

Murdoch's Fox News North in Canada reveals the depths they will go to, in their bid to turn people off, while rallying hate groups. The scandals in UK, show the depths they will go to, to get a story.

Can we topple an empire?

Conrad Black destroyed Canadian media, by shifting it to the right. He ended up in prison, not for crimes against journalism, but for fraud.

Al Capone got away with his crimes, but was sent to prison for tax evasion. Whatever it takes to put an end to this.

This week, CTV's Quebec City Bureau Chief, Kai Nagata, resigned over the horrible state of the Canadian media.

Coverage of Will and Kate's visit stumped legitimate news, but there was so much more.

Stephen Harper is literally getting away with murder. Says Nagata:
Right now, there's a war going on against science in Canada. In order to satisfy a small but powerful political base, the PMO is engaged in a not-so-clandestine operation to dismantle and silence the many credible opponents to the Harper doctrine. Why kill the census? Literally in order to make decisions in the dark, without the relevant data. Hence the prisons. Why de-fund scientific research? Because whole branches of the natural sciences are premised on things like evolution, a theory the minister responsible made it clear he doesn't understand -- and likely doesn't believe in. Why settle for weak platitudes on climate change? Because despite global scientific consensus, elements of the Conservative base don't believe human activity could warm the planet. Centuries of rational thought and academic tradition, dating back to the Renaissance, is being thrown out the window in favour of an ideology that doesn't reflect reality.
When are we going to wake up?

Last night on my local television news (CKWS), they briefly discussed Harper's new border security deal with the U.S., which in part demands that U.S. Homeland Security be notified every time a Canadian citizen takes a flight to third world country, including Mexico, if that citizen flies over the United States.

This was news months ago, part of a broader shared "security", where Canada will relinquish its sovereignty.

CKWS provided little background. In fact they provide little of anything, when it comes to national coverage.

It's so frustrating that all of our news is now contrived, or spun to the point of not being considered news at all.

Time to take back our media from criminals like Murdoch and Black. We deserve and NEED better.

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  1. 'Why assume so glibly that the God who presumably created the universe is still running it? It is certainly perfectly conceivable that He may have finished it and then turned it over to lesser gods to operate. In the same way many human institutions are turned over to grossly inferior men. This is true, for example, of most universities, and of all great newspapers". H.L. Menchen