Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is Harper Planning to Wage War on Russia?

Ater invading Poland .... Oops! Wrong dicatator.

After putting our soldiers in the most dangerous places in Afghanistan (A Soldier First, Rick Hillier) and blasting Libya back to the stone age, the Harperites are ready to flex their muscles with Russia.
As Canada's combat role in Afghanistan comes to an end -- as is being ably reported by Sun Media's Thane Burnett -- Canada's Defence Minister Peter MacKay announced our quid-pro-quo to the Russian invasion of the Arctic will be an enhanced one-month-long Canadian military exercise involving 1,000 of our soldiers.

This is a must-do.

Five against one may seem unfair but we see the other way around, particularly since our Far North sovereignty exercise has been an annual event since Prime Minister Stephen Harper mandated a strong Canadian footprint along our most inhospitable coastline. In other words, what's ours is ours, and the message is clear.

We won't back down
This idiot won't be happy until he gets us all killed.


  1. Seens like Stevie and Elmers boy never heard of those two important rules of combat. "Dont start a ground war in Asia and Never march on Moscow! He may very well get us all killed!

  2. Oh, great timing on the part of that pesky prime minister. My husband talked me into visiting Russia next month. I guess I won't wear any Canada T-shirts.

  3. It's all about the OIL and it always has been. Our great country is now in the hands of "BIG OIL" they bought and paid for the last three elections here and now they want a return on their investments. This article by CBC shows a bit of what’s going on, notice the government releases this the week after parliament breaks for summer holidays (not that anyone can do anything about it anyways).