Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm No Soothsayer But I Warned You

It doesn't take a genius to predict what will happen when hatred becomes policy. After the Norway attack became public, Peter MacKay suggested that it is still a volatile world.

It has been, and always will be, a volatile world, which is why it's the responsibility of governments to try to keep the peace. Unfortunately, the success of the neoconservative movement demands that people are kept riled.

I've been posting a bit on Fox News North/Sun TV, and how they use language, not to inform or inspire, but to incite. And while Harper will again stand back from this, remember, he was the one who went to Rupert Murdoch, with Kory Teneycke in tow, begging for our own Fox News.

And it was his government that allowed the Islamophobic Geert Wilders (above right with Anders Behring Breivik) to speak at the Tulip Festival. The Tulip Festival? I still can't wrap my head around that, because the last place you would expect to encounter hate speech is at a bloody flower show.

I'm not sure how the right-wing noise machine will spin this, but be sure that they will.

Terrorists? But They Aren't Islamic Fundamentalists!

On April 19, 1995, an explosion destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, killing 168 people, including 19 children under the age of 6, and injuring more than 680. And while the media immediately began to suggest that it was the work of Arab terrorists, an FBI profiler, Clinton Van Zandt, knew better.

He said that the perpetrator would be a white male, in his twenties, probably a military man and possibly a member of a fringe militia group. He took note of the date of the attack, coinciding with the Waco tragedy two years before, and occurring on Patriot's Day, the anniversary of the Revolutionary War Battle of Concord, which is revered by the militia movement. He was right and that is how they were able to catch Tim McVeigh, who was already in custody over a traffic violation.

So had Van Zandt immediately gone to believing that the bombing was perpetrated by an Islamic terrorist, McVeigh may never have been caught, and who knows what his next target might have been.

In fact, it is believed by many, that the biggest domestic threat in the United States, comes from these right-wing militia groups, which grew by 40% in 2009 and another 22% in 2010.
... by far the most dramatic growth came in the antigovernment “Patriot” movement — conspiracy-minded organizations that see the federal government as their primary enemy — which gained more than 300 new groups, a jump of over 60%.
Watch some of those Tea Party rallies, and see for yourself. Did the Koch Brothers know what they would be unleashing when they created this nationalism on steroids movement?

Maybe they did.

It's all about lowering corporate taxes (Stephen Harper wants to erase them), and getting government out of corporations' business, by ending demands that they protect the environment and not create dangerous products.

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian "terrorist", belonged to the Patriot Action Network, which has branches around the world, including the U.S.

The Tea Party Express is listed as a partner, as well as "Commiebuster".

They also link to Concerned Women for America, the sister group of REAL Women of Canada.
(CWA) is the nation's largest public policy women's organization with a rich 30-year history of helping our members across the country bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy. There's a cultural battle raging across this country and CWA is on the frontline protecting those values through prayer and action.
Anders Behring Breivik, has made public a manifesto. A game plan for getting rid of Muslims and Marxists.

So far, I've only read the highlights, but I've been researching the neoconservative movement for several years, and I've found the same language in almost all of the writings of neocons, and their many organizations.

Neoconservatism is fascism, and Islamophobia, the new anti-semitism.

The anger toward, and hatred of, Jews in Germany, did not take place overnight. It started with cartoons and hate speech in newspapers, and public gatherings.

The perpetrators were taken to court, but a clever and expensive lawyer had all charges dismissed. They got away with it so pushed the boundaries further.

One cartoon from the 1920s, showed a silenced Hitler, above the caption "He alone of two billion people on earth may not speak in Germany.”

He too cited the lack of "freedom of speech".

I keep asking myself what it's going to take to wake Canadians up. Will it be this? Or will the right-wing media spin the story so much, that it only again creates "shrugitis"?

Not in Canada you say?
Among those who saw a pattern of discrimination in the actions of the [Harper] government was Gar Pardy, the former head of the consular services section of the foreign affairs department. Opposition MPs were suspicious as well. Charlie Angus, an NDP MP from Northern Ontario, said he was told by an immigration official of discriminatory practices by his department. The department would periodically post photos of newcomers on advertising displays to promote immigration. "They identified who gets in these photos in terms of what ethnic groups they were interested in," said Angus. But one group, he was told, was deliberately left out of the promotion materials. "They said, 'No Muslims.' This came down from government orders."
(Harperland, Martin, Pg. 201)


  1. The current actions of Jason Kenney's department definitely reflect a not too subtle wish to rid this country of Muslims. Of course the 1800 who will have their citizenship revoked are dishonest (or used corrupt immigration lawyers who need not be investigated) but I'm guessing few of them are from the UK or Europe. And so far Kenney's posting of wanted "war criminals" consists mostly of men with associations to Islamic terrorists groups. And good "real" Canadians are encouraged to keep an eye out for these swarthy criminals and call the RCMP if someone raises suspicion.

  2. For the record Kory T said that when he met with Rupert Murdoch, Harper was NOT there to discuss SUNTV, my guess is, Harper was there to discuss phone and email and facebook hacking with the king of illegal spying.


    See How this Ontario Voter was terrorized by poverty , she blames the Mike Harris gang ! So watch out for Scary Hudak

  4. And how many people will say that Muslim fundamentalists were responsible because they don't read beyond the headlines? The damage is done and they know who they want to blame and will not let the evidence cloud their thinking.
    They are the same people who believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that Barack Obama is a Muslim etc. The misleading stories and headlines linking groups to terrorism do exactly that which they were intended to do, confuse the ignorant. Glenn Greenwald points out that "Al Quaeda is always to blame, even when it isn't, even when it's allegedly the work of a Muslim-hating, right-wing European nationalist."

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