Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Sun Media Doesn't Want You to Know About Anders Behring Breivik

When Ann Coulter came to Canada to speak, and fabricate a threat to free speech, her visit was sponsored by two right-wing organizations: The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute and the International Free Press.

Clare Booth Luce is a conservative women's "think tank" with ties to the Republican Party and the Heritage Foundation.

It's very feminine, with lots of pink, and has little groups like 'Liberty Belles' and 'Luce Ladies', not to be confused with 'loose ladies', which is a different institution.

The International Free Press was created in 2009, as an extension of the Free Press Society in Denmark. It's founder, Lars Hedegaard, is constantly challenging Denmark's hate laws, to play himself as the victim of oppression.

IFPS has expanded internationally, hence the title, and even has a branch in Canada.

Their advisory board includes both Ezra Levant and Geert Wilders.

The IFPS is not really about "freedom of the press" or "free speech". It's only about the freedom to bash Muslims and multiculturalism (immigration).

If you stand on the street corner and claim that the Holocaust was a hoax, don't expect them to come to your rescue. Because they know that making such a false statement could incite hatred, just as most of their questionable statements about Islam do.

Breivik's manifesto was filled with diatribes against Islam and multiculturalism, the new catch phrase for "non-white".

Why has this become the rallying cry of the far right?

According to Harvard's Dr. John Trumpbour, it is part of the new right-wing foreign policy initiative: The Clash of Civilizations, which, as Lawrence Martin reveals in Harperland, is a philosophy that Stephen Harper prefers to peacekeeping.
As the cold war ended, the neoconservative movement, without an internal communist threat to combat, found a new enemy within, “multiculturalism.” The shifting of immigration patterns and the articulation of U.S. culture as diverse and contested created a backlash with a reified Western, Nordic, or “Judeo-Christian” culture threatened by allegedly unassimilable emigrants from alien civilizations. In a subtle and wide-ranging exploration of the use and abuse of theories of civilizational clash in U.S. society and politics, Trumpbour holds up the construction of the Muslim enemy as a mirror of our own society’s anxieties and fears.
Our "Judeo-Christian" heritage.

Since when?

Four hundred years ago when Samuel De Champain was residing at Port Royal, a companion, Marc Lescarbot, wrote in his journal of their little club, where men took turns hunting and preparing feasts. But he said "not the artisans because they were of a different sort".

They were from the Jewish ghetto at Pons.

The Social Credit Party, the forerunner to Reform-Alliance-Conservative, was based solely on the notion of a Jewish Conspiracy, not unlike the new Islamic conspiracy. They were going to take over the world.

When Hitler's propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, sent the SS St. Louis adrift, knowing that those countries who condemned Germany's antisemitism, would prove to be hypocritical, Canada was one of the countries who turned the doomed ship away.

Instead of rewriting history, we should try to learn from it.

Geert Wilders, has become the new face of hatred. He has inspired the English Defence League, part of the new right-wing "patriot" movement. In this video they wait to meet their hero (poor quality).

They claim not to be racist, but refer to all from the Middle East as "Pakis" and use the old "they're breeding like rabbits" line, used throughout history, whenever a new group arrives "threatening to ruin western civilisation".

In researching my own Irish heritage, I found many old newspaper accounts suggesting that the Irish "bred like rabbits" and would soon be taking over.

It's odd that when rabbits "breed like rabbits" they create more rabbits. But when people "breed like rabbits", they cease to be human.

The language of hatred.

The English Defence League has since been linked to Anders Behring Breivik:
British police are investigating links between Anders Breivik and the English Defence League, a group the gunman described as a ‘blessing’ in an online forum.

But is the nationalist group no more than a blip on the fringes of society, or is it part of a larger movement threatening to destabilise multiculturalism in Europe?

... ethnic minorities, are increasingly becoming targets of hateful ideologies as fascist movements such as the EDL gain momentum across Europe. And it is these movements Breivik is said to have been associated with. Dr Robert Lambert, co-director of the European Muslim Research Centre at Exeter University says Breivik’s target was a multicultural society. He shot Labour party activists and targeted the prime minister because they represented what he despised.
It doesn't matter whether Geert Wilders ever heard of the EDL or the EDL of Breivik. This is part of a larger movement, operating under the guise of "free speech" and opposition to "multiculturalism", instead of what we used to call them: white supremacists.

In the following video, Ezra Levant justifies the appearance of Geert Wilders at the National Arts Centre, by claiming that the federal government owns the building. But it does not.

We own the building, and we were not consulted. The Harper government approved and so it was done.

Levant interviews Wilders here and squeals when the Islamophobe is acquitted of hate crimes.

Now Levant wants us to believe that Breivik is just a nut and that his actions had nothing to do with the toxic atmosphere created by the neoconservative movement and their 'Clash of Civilizations'.

We are watching these civilizations clash, and it won't end well if we don't stop this now.

Many European nations are investigating this new radical right. The Obama administration tried early on, but were shot down by the GOP. They can't afford an investigation into the radical right, because all roads lead right back to them.

If Harper wants to investigate the radical right in Canada, he only needs to hold a caucus meeting.

The big news stories in the past week or so, are not unrelated. Rupert Murdoch's media empire that includes Fox News and their spawn, Fox News North (not owned by Murdoch but he helped to create it), inflames these movements. They provide validation. "We're on your side" they say.

Instead of denouncing their actions, people like Glenn Beck attack the victims, and Levant the media, who he sees dancing with joy that the latest terrorist attack was not perpetrated by Muslims.

How did we get to this point?

Hopefully, this will inspire a dialogue, that includes the influence of Canada's Religious Right (Jim Flaherty's pal Charles McVety also invited Wilders to speak at his Christian College), and this government's policies, that reflect those of the U.S. Neoconservative movement.

We are charting a very dangerous course.


  1. In every country, there will be people who are emotionally or mentally imbalanced but whose problem has not yet been diagnosed. If they are at all Islamophobic, the right wing organizations will appeal to them, and welcome them, and feed them further fuel for their phobia.
    Meanwhile, the organizers and leaders of these groups are not necessarily certifiably ill. They are calculatingly evil, but there is a difference. They open their arms to these confused people, urging them to fight multiculturalism, providing them with the words of war if not actually giving them the guns of war.
    But the guns are there, and right-wing extremist preach that guns are good, so how many unbalanced (but undiagnosed) young people join the military so that they might gain the weapons?
    It is a vicious circle, Emily, and it is very, very vicious. "The Harper Government" (and I will use his preferred phrase because I hate to call him and his cronies the Canadian government) is part of that very viciousness, yet so few Canadians recognize the fact.
    Even if a dialogue is inspired, it won't go far. The Harper Government trains all its followers to follow the party line, to say nothing, to reveal nothing, to give "no comment" as an answer. What kind of dialogue will that be?
    I am afraid. I am very afraid.

  2. Simply the Best...Better than all the rest...a masterpiece for sure

  3. Emily, I really really wish I could wave a magic wand & have your pieces in the Globe & Mail, & many other Cdn. newspapers, EVERY DAY! This is, as usual, brilliant research, connections, & background that all Cdns. should be aware of. But of course won't be. I share, but in the big picture... it's barely a tiny fleck of the info that actually does get thru to people. Thank you so much - again - for your amazing & essential work. (And sharing this... ;-)