Friday, September 25, 2009

Women Are Not a Left-Wing Fringe Group Mr. Harper

After Harper's 'true colours' speech was revealed, we once again saw his disdain for women's groups and can have some idea of what a Harper majority might look like, especially if that majority is presiding over the largest deficit in this country's history.

I asked Martha Hall Finlay, when I saw her wearing an 'I Am Not a Left-Wing Fringe Group' button on Tom Clarke's show, where I could get one, so she mailed me two. One in English and one in French. There is also a Facebook group that is growing in numbers, 'Proud to be a Member of the Left-Wing Fringe Group Woman'. When I was invited to join, they had 129 members. Now there are almost 3000. They have printed T-Shirts that I believe are available for sale.

I thought it might be a good time to list a few of my former blog postings on this government's stance on women. Yes, I know they are now trying to put more female faces up front where we can see them, but none of them get to speak without a script, so they are little more than cheerleaders.

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Roots of Reform and the Battlefields of Feminism

Harper's Northern Foundation and Anti-Feminism

Conservative Helena Guergis Blames Women for Violence Against Them

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I Burned my Bra For This?

I think the Conservatives might be worried about this movement, because they've called on their back-up guy whenever they're in trouble, Gerry Nicholls to dismiss it.

Nicholls was Harper's VP when he was running the National Citizens Coalition, and recently wrote a column in the Kingston Whig Standard, putting down Michael Ignatieff. Our riding is one being targeted by the Conservatives so our local candidate Brian Abrams has been introducing us to some of the worst dregs the party has to offer (mostly from the old Reformer days. Sir John A. must be spinning in his grave)

On Nicholl's blog he has a self-promotion page where he lists all the wonderful things that people have said about him. Not partisan at all. I did learn from it though that he created those horrible ads that Harper posted against female Liberal candidates.

From Nicholl's blog:

"I just want to let you know how grateful I am for your help with the Harper campaign’s direct mail. Your mastery of the genre is giving us a huge advantage. If we win …you will have had a lot to do with it" – Tom Flanagan, former campaign manager for Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"Gerry Nicholls used to be the brains behind the National Citizens Coalition." --- Mike Duffy, host of Mike Duffy Live

More Postings on Harper's Attack on Women's Rights:

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