Saturday, September 12, 2009

Harper Unplugged and Why We Need to Send Him Packing

A great video made by a Young Liberal. We need to see more young people getting involved because this is their future and we now know what their future would look like if Harper ever got a majority. The mask was off and the eyes flashed with hatred. That's the real Stephen Harper.

He's had quite a week. Lie upon lie exposed for all to see. The old Reformer is in the house.

Harper was 'dishonest': Democracy Watch
By David Akin,
Canwest News Service
September 8, 2009

Advocacy group Democracy Watch says that, even if it loses its attempt to convince a judge that Prime Minister Stephen Harper broke his own fixed election date law last year, it will still have made the political point that Harper was dishonest with voters.

"If Democracy Watch wins, the Federal Court will rule that Prime Minister Harper is a dishonest lawbreaker because he gave false reasons for calling the snap federal election last September in violation of his own fixed-election-date law," Democracy Watch co-ordinator Duff Conacher said Tuesday.

"If Democracy Watch loses, the court will rule that Prime Minister Harper is a dishonest promise-breaker because he failed to keep his 2006 election promise to pass a law fixing election dates."

Justice Michel Shore heard arguments Tuesday and although Harper was named in the suit, neither he nor any other politician testified in the matter. Democracy Watch lawyer Peter Rosenthal argued Tuesday that a plain reading of the legislation governing election dates combined with comments made by Conservative MP Rob Nicholson, who was justice minister at the time of the bill's introduction, support his contention that Harper should not have been able to ask Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean to dissolve Parliament, as he did last September.

The governor general agreed to Harper's request and Canadians went to the polls on Oct. 14.

"It was the most unfair snap election in Canadian history," Rosenthal told the court. "Snap elections contravene . . . the Charter (of Rights) because it gives the prime minister an unfair advantage."

And another must read:

Election myth busters
Toronto Star
September 12, 2009
Les Whittington Bruce Campion-Smith
Ottawa Bureau

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