Saturday, September 19, 2009

It Be Iggy Time for the Reform-Conservatives

I really like this video. I suspect it was made by one of the Young Liberals as part of a video contest sponsored by the party. Flashing the logos and names of all of Stephen Harper's parties is necessary at this stage.

With Canadians tired of neo-partisanship, and looking for a majority government, we have to keep reminding them that this is not the Conservative Party of Sir John A. MacDonald. This is the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper, which means the Conservative Party of all those who helped to create this purely ideologically driven movement.

I've been researching the roots of Reform, because it's mind boggling to me how a party grounded in bigotry is running our country. Canada? This is not who Canadians are.

So voting for this Reform-Conservative party means you get the ideology of people like Peter Brimelow, Paul Fromm, William Gairdner, Tristan Emmanuel, Charles McVety, John Hagee, APEC, REAL Women of Canada ... the list goes on.

Some might argue that that was then and this is now. But just look at how they are trying to move us from a multicultural country to a rich white Christian republic. Jason Kenney and Peter Van Loan are using Gestapo like tactics to enforce their immigration policies, modelled after men like George Bush and Jim Sensenbrenner.

We have elected MPs who aren't allowed to talk and PMO staffers who won't shut up.

We need to take our country back. It's that simple.

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