Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama Snubs Harper. I'd Have Locked the Door

Further proof that Barack Obama just does not like Stephen Harper, came during our PM's latest visit to Washington. My question is why would he?

1. Stephen Harper's career was created by and for the Republicans.

2. One of Harper's closest U.S. buddies is Jim Sensenbrenner, one of the most despicable men on the planet.

3. At least one of Harper's MPs is running attack ads against Obama's health care plan.

4. The PMO leaked information about NAFTA that hurt Obama and caused him to lose the state of Ohio. (Not literally. It's still there)

5. Lawrence Cannon denied a Canadian woman access to her son for three months by throwing her to the wolves in Kenya; just because she's black and has a 'Muslim' sounding name. Then to top it off he refused to apologize but instead is trying to claim there's more to the story, like she's the head of some terrorist group.

6. When Obama visited Canada, Harper got in all his photo ops then immediately ran to base denouncing the U.S. President.

Does he really think that Obama can't read? That he doesn't know exactly who Stephen Harper is and what he stands for?

Harper and his government have to go. I want my country back.

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