Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harper Still Lying About Coalition to Achieve a Majority

While Harper is in the process of being sued for his illegal election, called in part to take advantage of his weakening of Stephane Dion; but more to halt the investigation into the Conservative's alleged criminal activity in the "In and Out" scandal; he's now out and about in secretive meetings, once again bringing up the threat of a coalition with "separatists" and "socialists", to gain support.

Is this man incapable of honesty, or does he just think Canadians are absolute idiots?

We know his entire campaign of insanity during the parliamentary crisis was based on lies. LIES, LIES and MORE LIES!!!

You can listen to his speech here, but for a brief refresher on the hypocrisy of a man clearly incapable of telling the truth, and those in his party who try to outdo him.

An Important History Lesson before Parliament Opens

Stephen Harper Forms Coalition with 'Socialists' and 'Separatists'

Stockwell Day makes deal with 'Separatists' to obtain power

Stockwell Day Lied About His Deal With 'Separatists'


These are just a few reasons. I have hundreds. But now for a story that should concern us all. He's going for the gusto and playing on the fake coalition threat to get his majority. Canada would be toast if that ever happened.

Harper: 'We need' Conservative majority or Canada faces 'long-term real damage'
By David Akin,
Canwest News Service
September 9, 2009

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is calling for a majority Conservative government to "teach" his political opponents and "their little coalition" a lesson, according to a video leaked to the Opposition Liberals.

In a speech to supporters last week in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Harper urged them to work for a majority Conservative government, saying the alternative is a "Liberal government propped up by the socialists and the separatists."

Harper and other Conservatives have, by and large, been reluctant for the last four years to speak publicly about the possibility of a majority Conservative government for fear it might alienate "soft" supporters who would drift back to another party.

Indeed, when Canwest News Service asked Harper in mid-August how he intended to win a majority government, he would not answer the question, saying only that he did not want an election.

But in last week's 10-minute speech to a partisan Northern Ontario crowd, Harper spent several minutes arguing that the country needs a Conservative majority government and urged supporters to work toward that end.

"I hear rumours these days, we may be going to an election," a relaxed and confident Harper said.

"The next election . . . will be a choice between having a Conservative government and not having a Conservative government (That's my choice). And let me be clear about this: We need to win a majority in the next election campaign.

"I'm not just saying this because we need a few more seats. We saw what happened last year. Do not be fooled for a moment. If we do not get a majority, the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois will combine and they will form a government."

Harper's comments were made on Sept. 2 at an event that CBC News reported was closed to the media. An unknown individual made a video recording of the speech which was subsequently passed on to the Liberal Party of Canada, CBC reported. The Liberals passed the video to CBC who posted the speech on their website.

The video contains many of the themes Harper and the Conservative are sure to use if there is an election this fall, most notably trying to make Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals "wear" the coalition government proposal of last Christmas, a proposal which polls at the time showed was deeply unpopular with Canadians.

"I guarantee you if we do not win a majority, this country will have a Liberal government propped up by the socialists and the separatists. That government may not last very long, but every day it's in office it will do long-term real damage to this country," Harper said.

"This country cannot afford a government like that. If they force us to the polls, we have to teach them a lesson and get back there with a majority and make sure their little coalition never happens."


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