Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harper's Ignorance of Canadian History is Inexcusable

Stephen Harper was at the G20 and when asked a simple question about Canada, he went into his best 'Joe Canadian' impersonation, touting the virtues of a country he once lambasted as a
European welfare state in the worst sense of the term.

After suggesting that every country wishes they were us, and implying that his government saved us from sure ruin, he dropped a bombshell. "We also have no history of colonialism. So we have all of the things that many people admire about the great powers but none of the things that threaten or bother them," he said."

What the hell? Our entire reason for being is based on colonialism, much to the detriment of the aboriginal Canadians.

Maybe there are a few Canadians who don't know that, but our prime minister damned well should.

Blogger Derrick O'Keefe from Rabble
sure got it right, when he said: "That the PM can not only harbour this delusion in his mind but also feel unembarrassed enough to verbalize it is a shocking testament to his own profound ignorance and to the pervasive racism-fuelled historical amnesia and denial in Canadian society."

Fortunately most people at the G20 are not as ignorant.

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