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Stephen Harper's Radical Roots With Paul Fromm

The above video is rather long but early into it you can hear Mr. Fromm speaking of a so-called Mexican invasion. To be honest I hadn't heard of such a thing until Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper 'put a stop to it'. I just thought that before discussing the relationship between Stephen Harper and Paul Fromm you might like to see and hear from the man who has been described by the media as "one of Canada's most notorious white supremacists".

Since the Harper Reform Conservatives have given us permission to delve into the lives of politicians, going as far back as possible, I've started posting little nuggets from the PM's past that should shake free a few skeletons.

It has been said that Harper is very secretive about his past, giving strict instructions that no one in his party discuss it. Well, I'm not in his party, just an ordinary Canadian with legitimate concerns about the roots of his ideology.

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when Stephen Harper and Paul Fromm met, but by 1987 they were, if not friends, at least acquaintances with mutual friends. During the founding of the Reform Party, he played a fairly significant role by arranging to have author and journalist, Peter Brimelow, speak at their convention. As reward, Fromm was allowed to set up a table in the hall, where he distributed literature and sold memberships to his anti-immigration organization C-FAR.

I'm going into Peter Brimelow's story in a separate post, but his book Patriot Game: Canada and the Canadian Question Revisited, is said to have been one of the motivations behind the formation of the new party. After reading it, Harper and his buddy John Weissenberger, another Harper patronage appointment, were so enthralled with the book that they bought ten copies and gave them to friends. (Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada by William Johnson ISBN 0-7710 4350-3, 2005, Pg. 52)

So when Paul Fromm said that he could get Brimelow to attend the convention, Harper must have been beside himself. Both Fromm and Brimelow were anti-immigration activists who supported each others organizations: C-Far for Fromm, V-Dare for Brimelow.

The person who may have been instrumental in introducing Fromm to our current PM, was Leigh Smith, an early Reform Party member.

"The Reform Party under the watchful eye of Preston Manning and Stephen Harper housed former Western Guard (an infamous Toronto-area hate group launched in the 1960's) members like Leigh Smith, and Wolfgang Droege."

In the book 'Web of Hate', we learn, while discussing Don Andrews: "In February 1967, he (Andrews) and two other men, school teacher Paul Fromm and University of Toronto student Leigh Smith formed the Edmund Burke Society ... Along with Communism, which it loathed with a vengeance, the Edmund Burke Society opposed immigration, sex education, welfare, homosexuality, abortion, big government and Pierre Trudeau." (Web of Hate: Inside Canada's Far Right Network - Author: Warren Kinsella Toronto : Harper Collins, 1994 ISBN 0-00-255074-1 Pg. 207)

Mr. Kinsella goes on to say that when the Society was reformatted into the Western Guard, both Smith and Fromm left feeling that it was becoming too extreme. "... Smith, who moved to Ottawa and later became involved in Preston Manning's Reform Party" (Pg. 208)

Therefore, it could very well have been Smith who introduced Fromm to Harper and subsequently Peter Brimelow.

However, there was another connection with Harper and the Northern Foundation he helped to create with Brimelow, Gairdner and other extreme right-wing conservatives.

"The Northern Foundation was established in 1989, originally as a pro-South Africa group . . . lists among the founding members of the Foundation both William Gairdner and Stephen Harper ... " Their goal was in part to discredit the anti-apartheid movement. (Preston Manning and the Reform Party. Author: Murray Dobbin Goodread Biographies/Formac Publishing 1992 ISBN: 0-88780-161-7)


From Wikipedia: "In the late 1970s, Fromm also founded Canadian Friends of Rhodesia to support the white minority rule regime of Ian Smith and his Rhodesian Front. In the mid to late 1980s, Fromm's organizations were involved in advocacy on behalf of South Africa's apartheid regime, and opposing the movement to impose economic sanctions on the country .... In the late 1980s, Fromm was an active member of the Reform Party of Canada."

Paul Fromm would move in and out of the Reform/Alliance Party. (He joined the Alliance in 2000 to help get Stockwell Day elected as party leader) Expelled for his racist views, after they had passed a motion to allow fringe groups, was a smart move. However, it begs the question, why Fromm and not Brimelow, or William Gairdner?

After an "... anti-Semitic column by former Texas KKK Grand Dragon Louis Beam Jr. (in one of the neo-nazi publications) the August 1992 issue carried a lengthy account of Wolfgang Droege's involvement with the Reform party. In late February 1991, Bill Dunphy exposed in the Sun the fact that Droege and four other Heritage Front activists maintained memberships in Toronto area Reform Party riding associations. Immediately thereafter, Reform Party leader Preston Manning ordered the group expelled." (Web of Hate: Inside Canada's Far Right Network - Author: Warren Kinsella Toronto : Harper Collins, 1994 ISBN 0-00-255074-1 Pg. 243)

"The expulsion enraged the Heritage Front, which saw the Reform Party's policies as very similar to, if not indistinguishable from, its own. How could a party that went on record opposing immigration policies that "radically alter" Canada's ethnic make-up turn around and shun a group like the Heritage Front, Droege asked, when the Heritage Front supports the very same approach? Privately, spokesmen for B'nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress admitted that Droege had a good point." (Pg. 243-44)

Later Fromm and others would suggest that Stephen Harper knew of the neo-Nazi elements in the Party yet allowed them to stay. In fact Paul Fromm continued to speak at Northern Foundation conferences.

Naturally Harper denied this, but really, how could he not have known?


  1. Excellent overview. Remember to include Lord Conrad Black to the list of harper cheer leaders.

  2. It seems a bit odd to call someone a "Neo Nazi" who defends the right of his own people to exist on their own soil. Were the Fathers of Confederation "Neo Nazis" in your view? Perhaps you don't understand what Confederation is, legally speaking.

    Perhaps you don't understand why there are 10 provincial legislatures and a Parliament, instead of just a Parliament.

    The Provincial Legislatures are the exclusive legal jurisdictions for the SELF-government of the founding peoples of Canada. A blessing nowadays recognized by the UN only to aboriginal groups who are entitled to preserve and maintain their culture, identity, and territory, and keep foreigners out; while ONLY people who are "white" are told they are "racists", "supremacists" and "Neo Nazis" for wishing to exist.

    Are the aboriginals "Neo Nazis" then? Or is there some kind of white self-hatred at work tarring CANADIANS, who are the beneficiaries of the LEGAL FEDERALISM of 1867, as "Neo Nazis" just because they happen to be "white"?

    If we were aboriginals who insisted upon maintaining our culture, identity, territory, and keeping foreigners out, perhaps that would be OK?

    Perhaps it's OK to slam ONLY white peoples with pejoratives, despite their being the lawful beneficiaries of their own, individual, exclusive Provincial Legislatures on their own soil where they are supposed to be the respective majorities? And where the quite radical issue of entirely changing the POPULATION and the FORM OF GOVERNMENT in order to suit the new population, has never even been put to a so-called "democratic" vote among the people whose Legislatures and soil are being stolen.

    And by the way, white Canadians are not "supremacists", we are "separatists"; the 10 different Provincial Legislatures are proof of this; they are proof that not even all white people want to live together. We are varied in our views and outlooks and our ways of living, and like to keep it that way, without state-enforced top-down totalitarian social-engineering and homogenization, including the plans for our own genocide by "ethnic cleansing on the installment plan".

  3. It was in fact pro-Soviet Pierre Elliott Trudeau as early as 1962 in CITE LIBRE magazine who indicated his PLAN for the genocide of the founding peoples of Canada. An exclusive English translation of that article, "New Treason of the Clerics" is online here:

    Says Trudeau:

    "Canada can be USED as an example to all these new African and Asian States, discussed at the beginning of this article, who must learn how to govern their polyethnic populations in justice and freedom."

    Does the lawful Constitution, the British North America Act, 1867, invite anyone to take over and "USE" Canada, the homeland of its founding peoples, for any purpose other than to be that homeland? Does the constitution authorize its own termination? Does it authorize replacing the Founding Peoples of Canada with Africans and Asians?

    In the context of explaining his plan to flood Canada with backward third-worlders (Africans and Asians) precisely to "teach" them "how to govern", Trudeau admits that the GENOCIDE of the French Canadians will eventually happen (as a result of his plan). Says Trudeau:

    "Other than to situate us in the correct perspective, it will get us nowhere to affirm that the French-Canadian nation must probably disappear one day, and that the Canadian State itself will not last forever..."

    Therefore, Canadians to whom this country in fact belongs, who are the descendants and heirs of the lawful beneficiaries of Confederation, and who happen by pure coincidence to be "white", are very obviously under attack from a clear and deliberate plan intended to lead to their disappearance, i.e., GENOCIDE.

    Are people "Neo Nazis" for realizing -- with or without the aid of Mr. Trudeau confessing in 1962 -- that they are in fact victims of a slow-motion genocide? Are they "Neo Nazis" for desiring to prevent that genocide by doing what the aboriginals are doing to prevent theirs? i.e., trying to STOP the mass immigration flood into their countries?

  4. Ms. Spencer.

    In your post entitled "Stephen Harper's Radical Roots With Paul Fromm" dated Thursday, September 10, 2009, you say:

    In the book 'Web of Hate'*, we learn, while discussing Don Andrews: 'In February 1967, he (Andrews) and two other men, school teacher Paul Fromm and University of Toronto student Leigh Smith formed the Edmund Burke Society ...

    Along with Communism, which it loathed with a vengeance, the Edmund Burke Society opposed immigration, sex education, welfare, homosexuality, abortion, big government and Pierre Trudeau." (Web of Hate: Inside Canada's Far Right Network - Author: Warren Kinsella Toronto: Harper Collins, 1994 ISBN 0-00-255074-1 Pg. 207)

    -- *Warren Kinsella Toronto : Harper Collins, 1994 ISBN 0-00-255074-1 Pg. 207)

    Perhaps the phrase "we learn" should be, for example, "we are told," or "it is alleged"; because the example I have below indicates that we have "learned" nothing from Mr. Kinsella.

    Ms. Spencer, quoting Kinsella, you have publicly said, using Fromm's name specifically, that the Edmund Burke society, is "opposed to sex education" and in consequence, we are to assume that the label of "Far Right," whatever that is supposed to mean, suits him.

    Let me contrast that allegation with one or two facts. Here is the opening paragraph of F. Paul Fromm's article entitled "What We All Need To Know About Sex," in the journal of the Edmund Burke Society in May 1971. Says F. Paul Fromm:

    "Sex-education can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The teaching of the biological "facts of life" is something that few would disagree with; however, the primary responsibility for this instruction should be the parents' and only secondarily, the school's. The best form of sex-education is that which occurs in the home and combines both a presentation of the biological facts and a moral code for sexual behaviour."

    Does that sound to you as if the Edmund Burke Society and F. Paul Fromm are "opposed to the teaching of sex education"?

    Ms. Spencer, you have completely misrepresented this man's views on "sex education" in the course of an orgiastic statement defaming him as something called "radical" and "far right". What is that, by the way? Some kind of mist that rises from the grave at midnight?

    People like you and Mr. Kinsella with your bald accusations and unfair stereotyping, which may delight vindictive readers of the Left who don't like to debate positions so much as to smear them, may well have cost "school teacher" Paul Fromm his job over the years.

    I think that first of all, you should read Fromm's whole article on the subject. Secondly, you should retract and/or correct what you have said alleging that Paul Fromm and the Edmund Burke Society are "opposed to sex education".

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    Kathleen Moore, Canada