Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Conservative MP Mike Wallace ... What are You Talking About?

When I received an attack ad against Michael Ignatieff yesterday, from Mike Wallace, the Conservative MP from Burlington; I was a little confused.

I live in Kingston, so why was he abusing our tax dollars to send me junk mail? Of course, it was pretty clear that it was to promote Brian Abrams, our Conservative 'also ran', who can't yet steal our money on his own.

Then I read a Post from Red Tory that included a video of Wallace's, and I actually started to feel sorry for the guy. I think he might be lost.

This silly little guy wanted our Parliamentary budget officer to sugar coat his predictions, by comparing our situation to that in the U.S., then insisted he include the projected sale of assets, without a list of assets that the Conservatives plan to unload to cover their mismanagement of our economy.

Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, when Kevin Page was discussing job losses, our man from Burlington startled everyone with his outburst: 'What are you talking about???' Clearly Mr. Wallace hasn't read the newspapers or he would know exactly what Mr. Page was talking about. But then listen to him talk .... comprehension could be a problem.

The Budget Outlook: No Positive Stuff
Red Tory
March 28, 2009

Burlington Conservative MP Mike Wallace was perturbed at Wednesday’s Commons finance committee hearing that Kevin Page, the independent parliamentary budget officer, didn’t offset his gloomy forecast that the economy would deteriorate at “a historic rate” much faster than the government had predicted in January’s budget, with more upbeat, feel-good news (like Harper will surely be delivering on Fox News Sunday tomorrow).

“How come you didn’t show us any positive stuff that Canada’s doing?” Wallace pathetically moaned. “We’re in better shape, wouldn’t you agree, than our American friends? Is there a reason that you’ve only showed us the negative?” (ha ha ha ha)

Indeed. Page should have focused on the “positive stuff” — like having clawed our way back to a surplus position after years of massive deficits racked up by the previous “Conservative” government, paying down the national debt and setting aside a contingency fund under the previous Liberal government (well, that is until the Conservatives pissed it away with their reckless spending and pointless GST cut).

Or he could have pointed to our superior financial regulatory regime, again thanks to the Liberals, and with no help from the Conservatives, who opposed such regulation every step of the way.

Listen to Mike try to rationalize their incompetence. And speaking of mortgages.

Update: This seems rather appropriate here

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