Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blake Richards Campaigns for Brian Abrams While Leaving His Own Constituents Disappointed

Conservative Blake Richards has been abusing tax dollars to mail attack ads to Kingston Ontario residents. He may be lost because Richard's riding is in Wild Rose Alberta. I guess you don't need a sense of direction to be what passes for a Tory these days.

Just ask Jason Kenney or Luc Harvey.

Naturally, these ads are on behalf of Brian Abrams, who can't yet abuse our tax dollars on his own, and Abram's spokesperson, Senator Hugh Segal, is actually trying to defend these men.

He claims that all parties are doing it, but that's not true and he knows it. I've seen a few Liberal and NDP flyers opposing government policy, but the Conservatives actually use theirs to campaign or launch silly push polls.

But then what can we expect from Hugh Segal? When Peter MacKay reneged on a written contract with David Orchard, and teamed up with the Canadian Alliance, Segal defended it by saying: "A lot of things have been said at political conventions that didn't have much substance after the event. There is enough grey there for legitimate maneuverability." (aka: Lying)

So next time you get caught in a cell phone or fitness club contract, that demands you to continue paying even though you no longer require the service; just tell them of the Hugh Segal law for 'legitimate maneuverability'. Maybe he'll post your bail.

But as to Richards, he might want to focus on keeping his own riding informed, because at least one resident found his 'information newsletter' all fluff and no substance.

MP's Report Short on Real Substance
The Cochrane Eagle
July 15, 2009

Dear Editor:

MP Blake Richards’ recent four-page broadsheet sent to Wild Rose constituents is disappointingly largely fluff. He had roughly 5,000 sq. cm. available to update us on real issues, but used only about one-quarter of this space to do so. The rest was fluff.

Of the hard information he presented, most was general Conservative policy, and only one short article gave us insight into Mr. Richards’ efforts on our behalf. He describes attending a meeting in the United States in June where he promoted farmers’ concerns.

While that short report was informative, I wanted to hear more of substance. I don’t care if Mr. Richards entered a Didsbury coffee shop or got his photo taken with a hockey trophy. I want to know if he is attending to important issues, ones I don’t see listed in his survey.

Why focus so much effort on crime when Canada’s crime rate is decreasing? What about his work on such critical issues as:

curbing climate change;

• preparing farmers to function within major climate swings;

• a Canada-wide water strategy;

• economic diversification and a return to research and anufacturing;

• shortening food supply lines and supporting local production;

• curtailing (instead of promoting) endless growth and its demands on a finite planet.

Vivian Pharis

I think I might have to draft a little letter to the Cochrane Eagle myself. Ms Pharis won't believe the silly nonsense he's sending Kingston Residents.

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