Monday, July 27, 2009

Luc Harvey Blames Josee Verner For Problems in Quebec

With the Conservatives tanking in the polls in Quebec, former Conservative MP Luc Harvey is laying the blame on partner in crime, Josee Verner, for her cuts to arts and funding.

That's not really fair because while she is definitely inept as an MP, I think the problems with Quebec are a great many things, including the abysmal attack on Francophones during the Parliamentary crisis, and the fact that this government just doesn't understand their culture.

I'm hoping recent attack ads on he Bloc, backfire. I believe that Quebecers are smarter than that, and the latest round of Harper poison went too far.

PM Harper needs to 'patch things up' with Charest
And former Quebec Tory MP Luc Harvey blames Josée Verner in part for party's poor showing.
By Harris MacLeod
The Hill Times,
April 27, 2009

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's polling numbers are dropping dramatically in Quebec, but if the Conservatives hope to have any kind of a future in the province they need to "patch things up" with Premier Jean Charest's provincial Liberals, says a leading expert on Quebec politics.

Antonia Maioni, a political science professor at McGill University, said the Conservatives made a "strategic error" by relying so heavily on the ADQ. She said they not only misjudged the depth of support for the ADQ, but they also overestimated the scale of the party's campaign machine. Prof. Maioni said that if the Conservatives hope to have any kind of a future in Quebec then they need to "patch things up" with the provincial Liberals, led by Premier Jean Charest ...

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