Sunday, July 12, 2009

Conservative Shelly Glover is a Huge Fan of Junk Mail

Shelley Glover is the Conservative MP for the Winnipeg riding of St. Boniface. Her bio lists her as a police officer 'on a leave of absence', so I guess she's just visiting, but she's certainly leaving her mark while she's here, though not in a good way.

Like most Conservatives she loves spending taxpayer money to send out partisan drivel, including ridiculous Karl Rove style push polls, and venomous attacks on her opposition.

One of her constituents is so upset with her tactics, that he's created a web page and video, which he gladly shares, for anyone else tired of this misuse of tax dollars.

One more reason why Winnipeg is turning off the Conservatives and on to Michael Ignatieff.

More Conservative Junk Mail from Shelly Glover
Posted by Devin Johnston
March 13th, 2009

A couple weeks ago, I decided to do something about all the junk mail I was receiving from my Member of Parliament in Saint Boniface Shelly Glover. I decided to respond to her latest ten percenter by enclosing a mail out of my own.

Members of Parliament can send mailouts to ten percent of the constituents in their riding every week that they are in office. These mailouts are done at a taxpayer expense of about $8-million per year. Most of them are political advertising disguised in the form of surveys that read "Who is on the right track on issue X?"

Earlier this week, I responded to one of these mailings with a survey of my own. I enclosed a self-addressed stamped index card. On the reverse side, I wrote "I support taxpayer funded junk mail" and left check boxes for "yes" or "no."

Today, I received yet another money-wasting, tree-killing political ad from Shelley Glover. Once again I responded with a survey of my own. This time, the survey question was "I support the Government of Canada spending $8,000,000 per year to allow MPs to send junk mail to constituents." Once again, I left check boxes for "yes" and "no" and included a stamp and my address so that Glover can return the survey to me. I will keep my readers posted on any response I receive to the survey.

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