Friday, July 31, 2009

Conservative Blake Richards Says Make the Children Pay

I came across a funny video featuring Wild Rose Alberta's Blake Richards, blathering about Jim Prentice's carbon tax, or some one's carbon tax .... I don't know. (It's since been removed)

You might wonder why I care what an Albertan backbencher has to say, but since he came to my backyard, abusing my tax dollars to campaign for Brian Abrams, I'm going to his. I'm also going to pull up all the flowers while I'm there.

From what I understand, he's sending junk mail to his constituents too, but it won't really matter. His seat is Reform, held for years by his ex-employer Myron Thompson, the craziest old coot I ever saw.

Richards won't have to do a thing because if a chicken ran Reform/Alliance Conservative in that seat, they'd win.

But to the video. It's classic and indicative of just how stuck in neutral the Conservative party have become. Richards is like one of those dolls with the strings you pull to get them to talk. After too much string pulling they get stuck on one or two phrases. For him it's 'cut taxes' and 'tough on crime'; neither of which are priorities for most Canadians.

We'd like to hear him and colleagues once in a while discuss how their government is going to deal with the enormous deficit and debt load, and how they are going to handle environmental concerns now that their precious NAFTA is at risk because they've put off dealing with climate change.

It's pretty clear that since they've opted to do nothing, it will be our children and grandchildren who will have to pay for their mistakes.

Brian Abrams may have to rethink which Reformers he chooses to waste our money. Mike Wallace and Blake Richards are only making him look bad (worse?).

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