Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tory Caucus Supports Child Trafficking in Shocking Tape

Gotcha didn't I? However, that headline is no more convoluted than the one in the
Karl Rove style pamphlets distributed by the Conservatives in Bloc ridings recently.

After voting against a hurriedly drafted human trafficking bill, presented by Stockwell Day's pet, Joy Smith, because they didn't want to take power away from judges, they have been accused of supporting pedophiles.

However, when you listen to the Lisa Raitt tapes bashing Joy Smith, and the resulting comments made by the Tory caucus, you can see clearly that it was a political move that carried with it a lot of hard feelings.

Kind of like kids saying that their sibling got a bigger piece of cake than them, Smith's colleagues were clearly jealous and saw this as favouritism.

And what did they say about the importance of the bill
? Absolutely nothing. So who's supporting child trafficking now?

"Raitt said Smith had made a bad move by introducing a private member's bill to introduce mandatory minimum sentences for human trafficking of children
."Speaking of career-limiting moves, I’m in shock that that MP, Joy Smith, brought forward private member’s legislation on human trafficking," Raitt says on the tape.

"She’s on Canada AM. And the reason being is that there’s no way any of us should be introducing anything around justice issues or finance issues right now.

You just can’t touch those two things."It was widely known among Conservatives that bills dealing with justice or finance issues were to be introduced by cabinet only, as justice and the economy are the pillars of this government.

At least one Conservative however suggested Raitt's comments about Smith reflected what a lot of people in the caucus thought then.

The fact that the Conservatives can treat such a sensitive subject in so callous a manner as using it for attack ads, shows they don't care so much about children, as they do about their careers.

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