Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Evidence Links Jason Kenney to Nanny-gate.

Since the character assassination of Liberal MP Dr. Rhuby Dhalla began, it became evident that Jason Kenney, her opponent in the House, and Parm Gill, her opponent in Bramptom; played an integral role.

But was it a complete set-up or just an opportunistic move to link the story to Ms Dhalla, despite the fact that she did not hire the women in question herself, as revealed in the evidence provided by her lawyer? It's looking more and more like a set-up, and the drama has claimed new victims. The former housekeepers who may be selling their souls for immigrant status.

This is unfortunate. I only hope Jason Kenney sticks to his promise and allows them to stay, though he won't be able to circumvent the law if they were working illegally.

I'm not suggesting that these women were not overworked, but it appears that it was at the hands of Rhuby's family, and not herself. I do believe, however, that there may be some exaggeration at the hands of the members of the Conservative Party, who really need to take attention away from the John Baird influence peddling case, and Brian Mulroney's Airbus inquiry.

New Evidence in Jason Kenney's Conspiracy.

1. The documentation the Toronto Star released shows an application (not for a nanny but for a housekeeper/caregiver), approval, passport passed along for immigration purposes, and payments - all documented, but no mention of Ruby Dhalla's name. Her brother and mother appear to have handled the paperwork and the payments.

2. The timing coincides with the tabling of the standing committee on immigration report and with efforts of Jason Kenney and Parm Gill, who had been working together on the Punjabi community just in the past month or so.

3. Despite the fact that Dr. Dhalla has been tried and convicted by the media, there has been no formal complaint made to the Ontario Labour Board by the 'nannies'.

4. From BCer in Toronto: Kenney, you'll recall, insists he knew nothing about the nanny's allegations about Dhalla in advance, and insists he has no desire to politicize this affair. That hasn't stopped Kenney ....... from trying to do just that.

Take this report this morning
from Toronto Star reporter Susan Delacourt:

At the immigration committee this morning, I was a bit surprised to see the Immigration Minister's assistant, Alykhan Velshi (Jason Kenney's Aide), handing out some documents to reporters. It was three pages, stapled together -- excerpts from this material, available on The Star's website. The title: "Was Ruby Dhalla involved in the hiring of the caregivers?"

What surprised me most was the active participation of the minister's office in a committee hearing
. Perhaps I'm naive, but I believed Mr. Kenney when he said he wasn't allowed to get personally involved in any immigration case. That sure looked like personal involvement to me.

Why was Velshi even at this hearing
? Kenney wasn't testifying. Does he just randomly hang-out at committee meetings, passing out material to reporters regarding matters his boss supposedly doesn't want to politicize? Was he there at Kenney's behest, or was he freelancing?

5. From Aaron Wherry a MacLeans blogger: In the audience sat half a dozen reporters, a smattering of spectators and one aide to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

The aide from Kenney’s office had been handing around a bit of amateur handwriting analysis
based on various documents related to the case. Dykstra asked Dhalla if the handwriting was hers. She said no.
Who prepared this amateur handwriting analysis? Parm Gill or one of his cohorts? Also why were they distributing this so-called evidence to the media and not the committee? I think I know.

6. From Impolitical - Jason has answered questions about his prior knowledge very carefully), Velshi was johnny on the spot with stacks of on-topic material to feed a hungry press corps:

In the House of Commons on Tuesday, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said he couldn't comment on specific allegations nor would he deign to "politicize the complaints process."But his assistant, Alykhan Velshi, later circulated to reporters a press release from the Independent Workers Association that called on Ontario's attorney general to investigate Dhalla.

Veslhi has called this a Liberal cover-up, but it looks more like a Conservative cover-up of a well orchestrated smear campaign.

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