Saturday, May 9, 2009

Did Jason Kenney Pass Geography 101?

For most of the first three years that Stephen Harper has tried to play the role of Prime Minister, he has kept his MPs bound and gagged; so the only thing we heard from them were staged questions and answers in the House of Commons, and the reading of press releases straight from the PMO.

However, after the parliamentary crisis, when Jack Layton used Stephen Harper's idea of a coalition to stage one of his own, Harper's position within his party became precarious at best. His leadership proved not to be so strong after all, and while they may give him one more kick at the can, if he loses the next election, or once again fails to get a majority; he will be replaced. There's no doubt about it.

Enter Jason Kenney
. He wants the leadership so bad he'll do anything to get it. However, unlike Stephen Harper, Kenney will do what Charles McVety wants and the way he has been systematically setting up his office to align himself with the Christians United For Israel doomsday movement is alarming.

When he first started to twit and blather to the press, I thought OK. Now I know why Stephen Harper doesn't let them speak. This silly little man and his 'mini-me' sidekick Parm Gill, represent the exact opposite of any Canadian values I know to be true.

However, after unearthing all the radical groups and organizations that Jason Kenney fronts, and then listening to the man; I realized that while he may be dangerous, someone else is definitely pulling the strings, because frankly, Jason Kenney is not that bright.

Is it sexual repression? At 40, he admits to still being a virgin, claiming to be saving himself for marriage. There's one savings plan that will bear little interest.

Is it his lack of education? Holding only a high school diploma, he's been pushed into a role where he is clearly over his head.
However, as immigration minister he should at least have some basic geography, right? And yet, soon after his trip to India, where he campaigned for and with Parm Gill, who will co-incidentally be running against Rhuby Dhalla, he had this to say.

"We are not receiving enough foreign students," Kenney said at a scrum during the conference. "They have a huge advantage because of the Canadian Experience Class. Canada is looking to Asia as well as India for potential students. Universities are happy to get them, he said, because foreign students are "a source of revenue" since they pay the highest tuition fees.

Most elementary school students know that INDIA IS IN ASIA, so why doesn't a man in his position? At such a critical time in our history, Canadians deserve the best that this country has to offer. Uneducated theologs just aren't making the grade. Maybe instead of taking his new protege on a photo-op to India, he should first learn where India is.
And he wants to be Prime Minster! That's almost as ridiculous as making someone like Sarah Palin Vice-President of the U.S.

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