Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lawrence Cannon's Confusing Foreign Policy Re: Palestine

After ducking and dodging questions about Israel's occupation of the Gaza strip, Lawrence Cannon came out today and did an about face .....sorta' ... kinda'... I think.

We already know how the Harper government feels about a two state solution. They have hooked their wagon to John Hagee's and now roll along implementing 'God's Foreign Policy'; which is annihilate the Muslims, gather the Jews, and offer up Baptism, by water or fire. Their choice...

Jason Kenney has been pretty clear, but knowing that Canadians like Obama, and Obama is looking for a peaceful solution. What to do ... what to do?

If you're Lawrence Cannon, you panic until you can find the right answers.

Cannon dodges Jewish settlement issue after meeting with Abbas
CBC News
May 25, 2009

While U.S. leaders have openly called for Israel to stop the expansion of its settlements in Palestinian territory, Canada's foreign affairs minister avoided the issue after a meeting Monday with the president of the Palestinian Authority.

Speaking to reporters in Ottawa, with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at his side, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon was asked repeatedly to comment on the issue.
He would only talk about development in new areas, not touching on the provocative issue of growth in existing locations.

"Concerning the development into new areas, we've also thought it wasn't a gesture that was helpful to the advancement of peace," Cannon said.

Canada supports roadmap

Cannon said he hoped Israel and the Palestinians would sit down soon and discuss a peace deal. He said Canada supports the roadmap for peace, a plan drafted by the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia that aims to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Complete freeze necessary: Abbas

Abbas on Monday told reporters that the absence of a complete freeze is hurting the Israel-Palestinian peace dialogue. He said the international community has been clear in advocating a complete freeze on Jewish settlements in the West Bank and elsewhere.

He and Cannon both expressed support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "This dedication and recommitment to the peace process is something that is welcome not only by this government but we believe by all Canadians, and a recommitment to the two-state solution, which is the Canadian position," Cannon said.

Well he may say that, but that is clearly not the intention of this government. Since Stephen Harper has stated that he is tapping into the theo-cons for support, even if it means putting a little muscle into our foreign policy, it means that Charles McVety and the Christian United for Israel will be calling the shots. And they are pro-Israeli aggression to help fulfil a biblical prophesy.

I can appreciate where Cannon would have difficulty, because Stephen Harper has told him one thing, but I think his conscience may be telling him something else. Who knows? I'm not so sure he has a conscience actually.

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