Saturday, May 2, 2009

Garry Breitkreuz Stacks Firearms Advisory Committee

What's the best way to make sure that the government is advised on issues that you want to go your way? Set up an advisory committee with only one point of view... your point of view. Garry Breitkreuz did just that.

The man on the right is one member of the Conservative government's Firearms Advisory Committee, created by Breitkreuz. Can't imagine what his opinion will be. He looks a little too comfortable with that piece in front of his face.

He is Professor Gary Mauser and the photo came from the Canadian National Firearms Association (NFA) website, but has since been removed.

Panel loaded with gun buffs

Make-up of advisory group suggests Tories out of step with urban attitude on weapons
May 28, 2007

Susan Delacourt
Ottawa Bureau Chief

OTTAWA–The Conservative government's firearms advisory committee, appointed and operating in virtual secrecy, is made up almost entirely of pro-gun advocates opposed to the firearms registry. Its dozen members include a man who argued that more guns in the hands of students would have helped in the recent Virginia Tech massacre, in which 32 people were killed, and another shooting aficionado who described a weapon used in last September's Dawson College killings in Montreal as "fun."

The committee's pro-gun tilt lends to the perception that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government is out of step with urban concerns on firearms violence – especially in Toronto. Jordan Manners, 15, was killed last week in a school shooting, days after philanthropist Glen Davis was gunned down.

Over the Easter weekend, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day quietly extended a long-gun amnesty program to allow those firearms owners yet more time to register their weapons – pleasing registry opponents but
angering those fighting for tougher laws ...

The list includes:

Mauser and 10 other members:

Tony Bernardo, Canadian Institute of Legislative Action.
Linda Thom, Olympic gold medallist in pistol shooting.
Alain Cossette, Quebec Wildlife Federation.
Greg Farrant, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.
Linda Baggaley, firearms expert and dealer from Alberta.
Stephen Torino, Quebec firearms expert and dealer.
Louis D'amour, New Brunswick firearms expert.
Gerry Gamble, Sporting Clubs of Niagara.
Robert Head, former RCMP assistant commissioner.
John Gayder, Niagara police.
Murray Grismer, Saskatoon police.

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