Friday, May 8, 2009

Jason Kenney and the Private Investigator

When Jason Kenney visited India in January, he took along his latest protege, Pram Gill, the man who launched an aggressive campaign against Liberal MP and Multiculturalism critic, Rhuby Dhalla.

As a self described 40 year old virgin, I'm not suggesting that Jason's Kenney's choice of companion was of a clandestine nature, just a little odd. But then again, maybe not.

"While Kenney's aiming to remake immigration into a more selective process, recruiting only the fittest for an economy that will bounce back into a skilled labour shortage, the politics of every action are never far from his sight.

For example, a Brampton riding hopeful named Parm Gill (described in local media as an 'upcoming leader' of the Conservatives) tagged along on Kenney's recent trip to India and was bragging to reporters that the government would move to reduce the immigration rejection rate for Punjabi youth to 20 per cent from 55 per cent now.
That smells more like a play for political gains back home than economic recruitment and, in a candid moment, Jason Kenney would probably agree."(emphasis added)

Ruby Dhalla barely defeated Gill in Brampton-Springdale in the last election, by less than a thousand votes
. Judging by the above, they're certainly attempting to ensure that they pick up that seat next time for Gill, courtesy of Kenney's immigration machinations. Note that the policy mentioned above might also move votes in a neighbouring GTA riding, that of Andrew Kania who had just a 231 vote margin over the Conservative in Brampton West.

A little early campaigning for Parm Gill who's determined to knock Ms Dhalla out of the water. His most recent twitter entry states: "Heading to roundtable with Sikh community folks in Brampton, with indefatigable candidate of record Parm Gill."

We know that Mr. Gill would appeal to the Conservative dog team. Aggressive and not afraid to get his hands dirty. He's a natural.

However, Parm Gill brings something else to the table. From his campaign literature when he was running in Ontario, York West, in 2004:

Born in India, Parm Gill was raised and educated in Toronto from the age of 14, when he immigrated with his family to Canada. An OSSD Graduate, with a Diploma in Private Investigation, Parm currently works as a senior vice-president of Paramount Manufacturing. (A company that will deliver mattresses to your door.)

A private investigator? So how hard would it be for him to dig up dirt on Rhuby Dhalla? I mean if the two girls were upset after being fired, why wait a year to file a complaint and why arrive together, when they never worked together?

There's a lot more going on here. This has created a media frenzy and was even being debated in the Ontario Legislature, where Jim Flaherty's wife is hoping to be the next leader of the provincial Conservative party.

But what does this have to do with Jason Kenney? According to the Canadian Press: "Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who hails from Calgary, may also be wooed by provincial Tories (Jim Flaherty's wife) anxious to gain access to his contacts in ethnic communities in the Toronto area. He was invited to speak at the provincial party's convention last month, where he joked about having been made an "honorary" Ontarian."

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

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  1. I found your blog in the Facebook group supporting Ms.Dhalla and it is well written and a great collaboration of articles based on the whole topic. Kudos.