Friday, May 15, 2009

I Wish the Damn Conservatives Would Frank Off

When Harper was running against Stockwell Day for leadership of the Alliance Party, he accused Day's supporter, Maurice Vellacott of distributing pamphlets through his constituency office.

Peter MacKay accused Stephen Harper of abusing the privilege in 2002.

Lynn Yelich push polled before the 2008 election, attacking Stephane Dion.

Gail Shea recently sent out newsletters attacking the Liberal Party at our expense and Helena Guergis, one of the worst offenders, just last night month pummelled the riding of NDP MP Linda Duncan in Alberta. Guergis' riding is in Ontario.

The use of these so-called ten percenters is out of control. Ten million dollars in 2009, more than six million by Harper's attack dogs.

I've received nine on behalf of my conservative in Kingston, and HE'S NOT EVEN MY MP!

One blogger started collecting the fairy tale pamphlets, so knows firsthand just how ridiculous they are.

Cons Franking Off All Over The Place

Bev Oda, Rob Anders, Jeff Watson, Deepak Obhrai, Dean Allison, Chris Warkentin... a veritable who's who of Con jobbers are among the sneak cheats papering this region and much of the rest of the country with franking mailers ... I used to ignore these flyers from the Cons' eternal campaign, but no more. They are taxpayer funded, partisan spam and a waste of energy and resources.

Over the last few weeks I've gathered hands full of these ten per centres from my building's recycling, where most of them end up with the rest of the junk mail. I've developed quite a pile and soon they will be returned to sender. I invite all of my fellow citizens who might object to pandering and propaganda being spun out on the taxpayers' tab to collect as many of these snotty little missives as possible and return them from whence they came. I've added brief notes to the heaping stack I've collected and you can too, but please keep them polite. Perhaps I'll visit my MP and see if she has any thoughts on this Conservative abuse of privilege ....



My Postings on These Ten Percenters

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