Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stephen Harper Returns Home for Final Thrust

And no not Calgary. Toronto. The place where he was born and grew up. A sheltered childhood in a WASP neighbourhood.

Tim Harper explains:
Even in a private chat with the Star, the “game face” remained on, but the Harper message had become more urgent. He needs seats in Toronto, the city of his birth and a city that could determine his political fate Monday. He made a forceful argument that the perception that Canada’s largest city is hostile turf for him is outdated.

He talked about a Jack Layton-led coalition government, pulling language that could only be found in the addendum to the Conservative playbook entitled Apocalyptic Scenarios. He portrayed himself as the one who has shown flexibility and compromise during five years as a minority prime minister, painting Layton as the rigid Dr. No.

And he made a bold plea for Liberals to jump on the Conservative team at the last-minute, saying the party’s anticipated demise under Michael Ignatieff stems from his opponent’s decision to stray from Liberal principles.
Don't forget folks. There may or may not be an NDP surge in Quebec, but there is not one in Ontario. Vote-splitting here will assure Harper a majority.

The photo above is another from the protest rally in Kingston, and the video below from one in Brampton.

Please think twice and vote once.

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