Sunday, May 1, 2011


Catch 22 Harper Conservatives have been working like hell for over a year. A boots on the ground labour of love, to save Canadian democracy.

This is what they are saying today:

Strategic voting urgently needed to stop NDP, Liberal vote split
Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are still within reach of winning a majority government. Catch 22's research shows that the most dangerous factor that could help the Conservatives is the possible collapse of the Liberal vote in several key ridings.

While the New Democrats may clinch second place in the election, a continuation in the rise of NDP popularity in key ridings, that the Liberals have been expected to win, would open the door for the Conservatives to come up the middle and take enough seats to win a slim majority in Parliament.

Catch 22 strategist Nick Fillmore says that “voters must keep their eye on the prize on Monday and not lose sight of doing what it takes to make sure that Harper does not win a majority. It’s crucial that the Liberal vote hold in many ridings.”

Harper’s Conservatives moved up in the polls again and are within range of a majority government. The Conservatives were standing at 38 per cent in the polls as of today, reports the Nanos polling firm. In 1997, Jean Chretien and the Liberals won a majority government with only 37 per cent of the popular vote.

Nanos had the NDP well back of the Tories at 29.6 per cent and the Liberals at 23.3 per cent.

“Catch 22 does not favor any one party over another,” said Catch 22 coordinator Gary Shaul. “We are heartened to see that the NDP will likely defeat most, if not all of the Conservatives in the seventeen ridings we’ve identified as a strategic vote for the NDP. But it’s very clear that to stop a Harper majority, voters need to go out and support the Liberals in those ridings where Catch 22 is recommending the Liberals have the best chance of defeating the Conservatives.

“In all of these recommended ridings, the NDP has very little chance of catching the Conservative candidates, but NDP votes in these ridings on Monday could be a big spoiler.”

Political scientist Alvin Finkel has a warning: “While I am as excited as anyone about the NDP surge, it is clear from the polls that the chances of Canadians electing a majority of Harper Conservatives with about 38 percent of the vote remains high.”

“If Harper has a majority, it won't matter much which party forms the official opposition. We'll see a rightward shift in Canadian federal policy of the kind that Britain experienced under Margaret Thatcher and from which it has never recovered, regardless of which party has formed government,” said Finkel, from the Centre for State and Legal Studies at Athabaska University in Alberta.

Catch 22 is recommending that voters support Liberal candidates in 35 ridings. Please see our list of recommended ridings below.
It doesn't matter who heads the opposition so long as we have enough progressive seats to beat Harper. But with pollsters telling us to ignore the polls, yet at the same time telling us the results of the election before we even cast our ballots, voters are in turmoil.

I liked it better when Canadian law forbid polls to be printed in the last three days of the election campaign. They appear to be an attempt to get us to vote a certain way, rather than a prediction of how we vote.

We could end up with a Harper majority if we don't pay attention here.


That bastard will have won. Think John Baird and Pierre Polievre. Jim Flaherty and worse yet Stephen Harper. STEPHEN HARPER AS KING OF CANADA.

Think twice, vote once, and listen to Catch 22. The pollsters are ignorant asses.


  1. There were several Canadian laws I liked better before the Harpies took over.

  2. I remain confident that, thanks to people like you and many others who want our Canada back, our aims will be fulfilled tomorrow. We can return to being an admired nation where freedom and tolerance rule. We can, once again, look after one another and be proud to do so. Thanks Emily! It has been great and, no matter what happens, get that book out to continue to inspire the rest of us.

  3. Thank so much and I too have faith in the Canadian people