Sunday, May 1, 2011

Have You Ever Met Harper's Prison Consultant?

When I first saw the donkey at the rally, I thought they were going to allow us to get nearer to Harper than I thought. That was until I got closer, and realized this guy wasn't as big an ass.

Actually this donkey's name is 'Stormy' and he has been at all the Prison Farm demonstrations. I told his tale before.

And the rally was also represented by the bovine community. She left a little memento to remind us of the content of Harper's speeches.

Don't worry, they cleaned it up.

Please don't split the vote. We have a real opportunity to get rid of this man. Just ask Stormy.


  1. Stormy is adorable, isn't he? And a homeless cow is a sad sight, having to beg for hay, live under a bridge, and bum cigarette butts from her down-and-out companions. LOL
    Well, Em, here we are, it's Election Eve and I, for one, am a nervous wreck. So if I'm that, I can imagine what you are, with two years of your life invested in trying to educate the people of Canada. Here's hoping enough of them have been listening!
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed,

  2. Thanks Kay. I am nervous and also puzzled. I've been out this weekend talking to people and so far the support is overwhelming for the Liberals.

    But I have to ask myself why is Jack Layton visiting here today. The NDP candidate is a distant third in the riding. He will only split the vote. Why not be in a riding where he has a chance instead of undoing years of hard work, to give the Conservatives a victory.

    I'd love to know what he's playing at. He's running to be leader of the Opposition. Very odd.