Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sorry Mr. Harper But Women Will NOT SHUT UP!

Poor Stevie is in trouble. His facade of a moderate leader is crumbling as he has had to take a stand on the abortion issue.

If he gives into the demands of Canadian women, he loses the support of the Religious Right, one of the only things keeping him in power.

Without them he is just another loud moth rabble rouser for the National Citizens Coalition, destined for obscurity. A byproduct of an experiment that failed.

What to do, what to do.

"Oh, I know", says Stevie. "I'll get one of my senators, who may be a woman, at least in terms of gender, to just swear at those broads standing at the gates. That'll work".

Well you know what, Stevie boy. It didn't. She can tell us to shut the F... up, but we've tried that.

When you cut funding for women's programs - we shut the F--- up!

When Helena Guergis blamed the hypersexuality of young girls for date rape - we shut the F--- up!

When you removed protection for women from our foreign policy - we shut the F--- up!

When you allowed the anti-women, REAL women of Canada to dictate what our rights would be - we shut the F--- up!

When you tried to scrap the gun registry - we shut the F--- up!

Well you know what? We are not going to shut the F--- up anymore.

I sure hope this wasn't a threat.

OTTAWA – Aid experts alarmed by Canada’s new anti-abortion stand in foreign policy have received some raw political advice from a Conservative senator: “shut the f--- up” or it could get worse.

“There’s a real chill in Ottawa on speaking out,” said Betty Plewes, a development consultant and chairperson of Monday’s meeting, organized around the question of “where is Canada’s leadership in the promotion of gender equality and women’s rights?”

One international aid advocate, Lydia Alpizar Duran, from the Association of Women’s Rights in Development, vowed that Canadian women would have help from other countries if they want to start making noise here. “I don’t remember any women’s rights ever gained by staying silent,” she said.