Friday, May 21, 2010

Ezra Levant Gives Marci McDonald's Armageddon Factor a Thumbs Up!

" In her book The Armageddon Factor, Marci McDonald has a lot of nasty things to say about Christians in Canada. She calls hem "retrograde and exclusionary," "militant," "radical," practitioners of "apartheid" who have a "dark and dangerous vision." And then she takes a run at Jews and Sikhs, too."

That is from Ezra Levant's column in the National Post, discussing McDonald's new book.

I was just on the Amazon site and they have sold out, and with ringing endorsements from the Conservative naysayers I think it's destined to be a best seller.

What Levant is trying to do, is just what we expected the Religious Right to do. Claim that the book is an attack on Christians (and of course he includes Sikhs and Jews). However, it is not an attack on any one's religion, only an expose of the political clout of the Religious Right.

This is something that needs to be debated in this country, not from a religious viewpoint, but from a political one.

As things like abortion, same-sex marriage, tolerance for Muslims and war are argued on their merit, it's important to know how much money is coming from the American Religious Right to interfere with our political process.

And the fact that Stephen Harper has openly courted this political movement, even if, as he claims, it means putting more muscle into our foreign policy, that's critical information.

But thank you Ezra and all others in Harper's inner circle. Keep those comments coming, because the book couldn't have a better endorsement.

And to borrow from Shakespeare: Me thinks thou ..."dost protest too much."

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  1. I agree, a good and timely book. I'm half way through it right now. Let's hope the moderate and left leaning of this country listen and care enough to organize and out this Conservative government.