Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rhona Ambrose: Just One of the Boys

Well she's back. Miss 'book banning', 'climate change denying' 'American corporation loving', Rhona Ambrose, has now been put in charge of denying women's rights.

Bev Oda removed 'equality' from the Status for Women, with an eraser provided by Stevie. Helena Guergis made me want to get a sex change operation, with no desire to share that ditz's gender, so they bring in the big guns.

Rhona herself. The woman who dismissed Ken Dryden's childcare plan, by suggesting that women didn't want to hear about how to raise their children from "some old white guy".

Quite rich considering that Ambrose grew up wealthy, so has no idea what working women need, and she has no children! (Unless you count Pierre Poilievre and John Baird).

The Religious Right must be tickled pink. They loved her before:

Dryden, as social develop­ment minister, was negotiating his national child care plans with the provinces at the time. Her comment received criti­cal acclaim for chutzpah on at least two significant grounds.

The first was that Ambrose used statistics from a Vanier Institute of the Family survey to argue that most young cou­ples would like to have at least one parent stay at home with the children during their first few years, or at least make their own child care arrangements outside the home, rather than put their children in state-run institutions. She likely knew that a Vanier survey was a good arrow to use in pierc­ing Dryden's armour, because he himself was on the institute's board of directors.

her argument was patently conser­vative — arguing for the traditional family. It struck a blow against the sometimes conventional wisdom that to be "with it" one had to be a Liberal and antitraditional. Particularly galling to many conservatives is the kind of state-run day­care system that would replace parental influence with state indoctrination as a tool for child development. That idea conjures up the Cold War—era, anticommunist imagery of Marxist-dominated state nurseries that allegedly prevailed in the Soviet Union, maintained so that mothers would be "free" to sweep Moscow sidewalks or clean the public latrines all under threat of exile to Siberia and permanent separation from their progeny.

Of course most couples would like to have one parent at home, but the fact of the matter is, they don't make the kind of salary we pay Rhona, so can't afford to. But wow! Right to Marxism and the Liberals supporting only non-traditional families.

Well now Rhona, who is the biggest cheerleader for Canada becoming a corporate run state, next to Stevie himself; claims that women care more about crime prevention than any silly old notion of equality. Pack a Colt in your bra and make the boys a sandwich. That's her plan.

Don't know about Marxism, but can't help thinking Gestapo in this new Conservative gender war.

The fight has escalated with news of cuts to long-standing feminist organizations in Canada in recent days and a Conservative senator’s friendly advice to aid advocates in Ottawa this week that they should “shut the f--- up” or risk further backlash from the Harper government. The Liberals have now counted more than 20 groups that have endured probably fatal funding cuts from the Harper government, most of them devoted to women’s equality or advocacy.

Clearly Ambrose needs to find a new babysitter for her 'kids', because little Johnny Baird had a tantrum and screamed out "Let Freedom Reign". Can't imagine Martin Luther King condoning anything this government does.

I hate to admit it, but I'm actually missing Helena Guergis. At least with her we never expected much, and she didn't disappoint.


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