Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Conservative MP May Wear Red Collar to Cut Down on White Collar Crime

Devinder Shory, shown smiling with his boss, is committed to cutting down on white collar crime. He says so on his website:

On Monday, Canada’s Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson, and Natural Resources Minister, Christian Paradis, announced legislation to establish mandatory jail time for fraud over $1 million and to help ensure the voices of victims are heard when white-collar criminals are sentenced to jail.
And when Devinder Shory was down on his luck, he began building houses before becoming a lawyer. He says so on his website:
Still unable to have his foreign credentials recognized, Devinder drove cab, started a small video store and began building homes. As the housing market fluctuated, by 1997, Devinder was ready to do whatever it took to return to his passion of law. Alberta was the province that gave the Shory family this opportunity, and after moving to Alberta for education upgrading and equivalency testing, Devinder was called to the bar in 1998. Devinder set up his law practice in Calgary Northeast and began with a focus on general law.

But Divender Shory is tackling white collar crime while still involved in the housing market, from the inside and the Bank of Montreal is not pleased. It says so on the CBC website:

The Bank of Montreal is accusing Calgary Conservative MP Devinder Shory of having ties to what is believed to be Canada's largest mortgage fraud.

The bank has filed a lawsuit against hundreds of Albertans, including Shory. Civil court documents filed in the lawsuit, and obtained exclusively by CBC News, allege Shory, a lawyer, executed legal transactions that misrepresented the true mortgage owner of at least five Calgary properties.
Harper may want to ease up on those crime bills or he will no longer have a caucus.

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