Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Not About the Registry But Our 'Right to Bear Arms'

By now the so-called “gun control” bill will have received Royal assent. Its alleged purpose is to reduce violent crime.

Mr. Rock, indeed the entire cabinet, knows full well that this is nonsense. The countries with the highest levels of armed citizenry, Norway and Switzerland, have the lowest rates of violent crime. The countries with the most stringent prohibition, Jamaica, Sri Lanka and the Soviet Union, have the highest.

The true purpose of this legislation is hidden.

It is not within the authority of Parliament to sanction search without warrant, to rule that the accused must testify or deprive a citizen of the right, indeed the responsibility, to defend home and family using whatever means are necessary.

These rights long preceded this government or even Confederation. The law is ultra vires. Those who obey it put themselves in peril. The Western Canada Concept sounds a lonely alarm.

BYLINE = Stockwell Day, Sr.
Hinton, AB
Western Separatist

That letter was written by Stockwell Day's father for the Western Separatist's July/August 1995 edition. This paper was run by Doug Christie, founder of Western Canada Concept, now the Western Block Party, a group formed with the intent of separating the Western provinces from Canada.

Stock Sr. was a member of that party and a good friend of Doug Christie.

This article isn't about separation though, but about the gun registry, which the Conservatives have been trying to scrap. They claim because it hurts hunters and people living in rural communities, but that's a crock.

I wrote a piece on the gun registry recently, putting out feelers. I approached it not as a women's issue but from Garry Breitkreuz and his pal's confrontation with the police over what they see as their 'right to bear arms'.

Stockwell Day Jr. (whose son Logan just happened to be Breitkreuz's administrative assistant) has already 'secretly offered amnesty and limited the scope of the registry, but these guys will not be happy until every Canadian is packing heat.

They lament that Canada does not have a 'gun culture'.

I love that 'little coalition' nonsense of Harper's though. Would that be anything like his coalition that included the full support of the Bloc? Of course not.

But he seems pretty clear that he will get rid of the registry.

In my article the other day, I mentioned the case of Bruce Montague, who seems to have been made the poster boy for gun rights in Canada. He teaches a course in self defense ... self defense with a gun that is. And his lawyer is Doug Christie, the man I mentioned above, who was a close friend of Stockwell Day's father.

So to recap. Stock Sr. wanted to be able to protect his home with a loaded gun. Stock Jr. has already worked behind the scenes here, here and here.

And his son Logan worked for Garry Breitkreuz, the man who when his wife asks "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" answers ... "it's a gun".

We need to fight like hell to keep this registry because it's just the first step to what these guys are promoting: 'An armed populace".

Is that really your Canada?


  1. Okay, I've always said I'm a political ostrich, and admit I've never read the Canadian constitution, but it seems to me the "right to bear arms" is in the US constitution, not in ours, so what are our right-wing yahoos griping about?
    I've never owned a gun and never wanted to use one, but I have always said (in addition to but not in conjunction with my political ostrich stance) I'd grab the nearest thing that looked like a weapon if Canada is ever invaded. And I've also always said the only country that will ever invade Canada is the good ol' US of A. Good grief, Americans go on and on about their "undefended border" but what about us? The longest border in the world is the one we share with them. We don't actively defend it, because we all know we wouldn't stand a chance if they sent their troops across. Not one chance. For some reason, we have always trusted them but that doesn't mean we want to BE them.
    Still, I doubt if the takeover will happen with guns. We sell them our oil and our fresh water, our lumber and all our other natural resources, and we still trust them.
    I'm not sure I know why.
    Meanwhile, Emily, I think you are amazing. I looked at your Facebook page and realized you have far more to do than analyze Canadian politics. I'm glad you mentioned you do find time to sleep. I'm so impressed with your ability to see what's really going on.
    I find I have to grit my teeth in order to sign my own name to this comment, because at heart I'm a left-wing pinko-feminist British Columbian now living in a different province, one full of Conservatives and gun-owners and, like most Canadians, I'm not far enough away from that "undefended border"!!

  2. LOL. I think it all boils down to money. Gun manufacturers will benefit if they can sell more guns and Canada as yet is an almost untapped market.

    The only gun in my house is a 1940's Red Rider BB gun that my husband got for Christmas when he was a kid. He is so paranoid about it that the BBs (still in their original Red Rider package) are in his strong box and the barrel of the gun stuffed in a drawer somewhere.

    So if you hear of a convenience store being robbed with a barrel-less Red Rider BB gun and a handful of beans, you'll know it's me.