Friday, May 14, 2010

Pierre Poilievre Reminds us of Why the Reformers Must Go

"While alleging to work within legal boundaries, they worked to undermine the parliamentary system and foment disorder. As obstructionists, they regularly disrupted proceedings with vulgar and rowdy behavior, if they didn’t boycott them."

No that was not written about the Reform-Conservative movement, though it could have been.

It was written about the Brown Shirts who helped to bring Adolf Hitler to power, though it's a tactic as old as the hills, usually followed by a food fight.

If you want to deflect attention you resort to animalistic behaviour and Pierre Poilievre has mastered it. This may have been a page taken from Stephen Harper's 200 page manual on how to make sure that Parliamentary committees can't function , but little PP made a complete ass of himself.

At issue was staffer Ryan Sparrow's attempt to withhold the fact that Stephen Harper spent five million dollars of our money promoting himself during the Olympics.

And the little pit-bull Poilievre was acting so badly that several times they were forced to turn off his microphone. And yet we are paying him an enormous salary to protect our money from being wasted in such a matter. It's pretty clear that this little Brown Shirt does not work for us.

Obstruct, distract and ignore was the strategy adopted by the Conservative government today at a Commons ethics committee hearing on Access to information.

Tory MPs attempted to block testimony and when that didn’t work they threw softball questions at the witness. Pierre Poilievre, known for his attack-dog nature, also took on the committee chair, Liberal Paul Szabo, after he called Mr. Poilievre out-of-order on several occasions.

It was a tense meeting; at times it was awkward. The chair twice ordered Mr. Poilievre’s microphone be shut off.

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