Thursday, April 7, 2011

Will Canada's Youth Save Us From Ourselves?

I'm still optimistic about the election and have faith that the Canadian people will wake up before it's too late, but perhaps if they don't, the youth of this country will be the ones who step in to save us from ourselves.

We're not paying attention to the big issues.

The loss of our democracy. The environment. The contempt that the Conservatives and Stephen Harper have for Canadians and our time-honoured institutions.

Youth may not care about Parliament, but they very much care about poverty, Global Warming, student debt, employment opportunities for young people.

This is why I'm convinced that the pollsters will get it wrong this time around. They still insist on using landline phones, meaning they only hit a small margin of the population. Everyone uses cells.

If the youth come out in droves and vote, they could be the ones who determine the results of this election. Won't that be grand?

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