Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Questionable Character Penetrates Fortress Harper

Despite screening out "undesirables" at neocon rallies, it would appear that if you are charged with fraud, or convicted of fraud, you will be welcomed with open arms.
A Toronto businessman and self-described campaign volunteer who circulates in Conservative circles is facing a criminal charge for allegedly fraudulent credit and debit card withdrawals — a background that did not prevent him from sitting right behind the Harper family at a rally last week. Snover Dhillon met with Tory MP Patrick Brown, of Barrie, Ont., at an event in the Punjab region of India in January and attended a Tory convention in Halifax a month later, appearing to violate bail conditions set in December that barred him from leaving Ontario.
Where's the RCMP in all this? Did they not check out Carson before he entered the prime minister's office?

Or Dhillon before they allowed him to sit with Harper's children?

Of course not. They're too focused on who might have had their photo taken with Michael Ignatieff.

This is how you it's done:

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