Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is Jason Kenney "Just Visiting"? Will He Go Back to San Francisco to Raise Hell?

I've written often about Jason Kenney and his days at St. Ignatius highschool in San Francisco, where he opposed both gay rights and family planning.

After speaking with a Jesuit priest, I learned that in his attempt to demand that family planning literature was kept out of the main university, he used law students from the school, and threatened to take the issue right to Rome if need be.

A blogger has posted an old video from a newscast c1989, where Kenney is being interviewed. He claims to have more info but is waiting for the Anglo-media to pick up the story, before releasing it. Tease.

This is important because it speaks to the lengths this man will go to deny our rights and challenge the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Author Trevor Harrison spoke of Kenney and how he had come under the influence of the Neoconservatives while at the school, and came back to Canada with a purpose. He later started a Christian Coalition here, modeled after Ralph Reed's in the United States. His Canadian Taxpayers Federation was a spin off of Grover Norquist's anti-tax campaign.

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  1. He claims to have more info but is waiting for the Anglo-media to pick up the story, before releasing it. Tease.

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    I'm not trying to tease, I just want to make sure I report this correctly. I know Le Devoir's source and am waiting for more.

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  6. Holy crap ... had no clue as to JK's background. This explains a lot; roots of irrationality.