Thursday, April 7, 2011

To Conservative Stephen Woodworth: Contempt is a Big Issue. You Have Lost Your Right to Represent Canadians

Stephen Woodworth is really not the cause of his party's anti-democratic agenda. He is only a symptom.

Can't answer questions without a script. Democracy is democracy, period! You don't have to look it up.

Gerald Keddy doesn't get it either.

And Dan Gardner wants to know if we are really going to reward contempt? let's hope not.
"It would send a bad message about parliamentary democracy if a government brought down for contempt, very serious contempt, on the finding of a Speaker, is rewarded with a majority. I think it would encourage Mr. Harper and maybe those after him to be contemptuous of Parliament. And then I think we're in real trouble.
A majority may now be out of his grasp, but we have to make sure that he doesn't get another mandate. We can do this.

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