Sunday, April 10, 2011

So Much For Sound Fiscal management. Harper Giving Staffers 50% Hike

While preaching austerity and promising to balance the budget before the next millennium, seems little Steve's been pretty generous with our money.

A promised pay hike for his staffers and a 50% increase in severance pay when he loses the election on May 2. Hypocrite.
If Stephen Harper's Conservatives are re-elected on May 2, political aides in ministerial offices could find a nice bonus when they return to work. The Harper government has quietly approved increases in the maximum salaries political staffers are entitled to receive.

In addition, suddenly out-of-work staffers could find the blow considerably cushioned if the Tories were to lose the election. That's because the government has also approved a 50-per-cent increase in the maximum separation pay political aides can receive – up to six months from four. That's on top of severance pay.


  1. Oy, I bet he thought no one would notice. His lack of fiscal responsibility is truly amazing.

    Off topic, the Cons have resent a flyer to the Jewish households in Mount-Royal which blatantly lie about Irwin Cotler's record. The Speaker of the House had already ruled against the use of this flyer, but it is being used again. There are more than a few really upset Jewish voters in this riding. I hope it bites the Cons big time.

  2. Are you serious? How horrible.