Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beaver Revolutions and RODC. Everyone Fighting for Democracy

There may be a revolution in this country. There are so many groups fighting to restore our democracy.

The Beaver Revolution has some wonderful ideas.

Reclaim Our Democratic Canada held a rally in Oakville, where they raised concerns about the undemocratic actions of Stephen Harper.

Strategic Voting Guide provides a list of ridings and who is best to beat out or keep out the Conservatives there.

Catch 22 Harper Conservatives is a very pro-active group, who takes this a step further, adopting ridings to help those best able to win.

Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper is a fun meeting place where we share links and stories.

Unseat Harper/ Voices for Democracy is another pro-active group that runs ads in newspapers and organizes campaigns for democracy. provides a forum for ideas.

Henry Mintzberg gives us hints on reframing this election campaign.

We can do this guys. If Stephen Harper loses he will resign. I have to repeat that. HE WILL RESIGN !

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