Sunday, April 10, 2011

Could This Be the End of Cheryl Gallant's Career? Dare we Dream?

I've yet hear anything good said about this woman, known for one gaffe after another, so I'm always puzzled about who the people are, that are constantly sending her back to Ottawa to embarrass them.

An interesting column in the Ottawa Citizen, suggests that things could change.
Gallant has a history of verbal gaffes, for which her riding has shown a willingness to forgive her. It’s only the big, urban media, after all, making a fuss over nothing, the script seems to go. They don’t get us; they don’t get our country values; they want to mess with our guns. Of course, they don’t like me, the underdog; but I’m battling for you, underdog Renfrew-Pembroke; blah, blah, blah.

Well, along comes this headline from the influential Eganville Leader, the weekly that is hardly left-leaning, on Feb. 16: “MP should resign.” Lest we think this piece was written hastily, perhaps in anger, it was followed on March 30, with a lengthy editorial headlined: “Stephen Harper nationally, Hec Clouthier locally.” The pieces held nothing back, including an enthusiastic endorsement of her opponent, Clouthier, the one-time MP who is running as an independent.
This could be an interesting race.

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