Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sheenagh McMahon Shows us How Civil Disobedience Works. You Go Girl!

This wonderful woman, Sheenagh McMahon, broke up a news conference with John Baird and Lawrence Cannon, to ask John Baird to provide a straight answer about the Contempt of Parliament charge.

Naturally he refused.

So she promises to dog him for the rest of the campaign. I hope others will join her.

This is how civil disobedience works. Nothing illegal. Harm no one.

You can also join your candidates Facebook page and continue to feed important stories, so others have a better understanding of what is going on. You may also try joining the page of the Conservative candidate and do the same thing. They'll probably eventually kick you off, but hopefully not before others checking them out read the reports.

Harper's only strategy is a campaign of fear and misdirection. We have to prove to him that we're smarter than that.

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